best gym shorts for men Clothing, Gear & Accessories

21 Best Gym Shorts Reviews For Men 2020 (From 3" To 12" Inseam)

As we live in a modern era, we can do different types of exercise in one place. Whatever at home or in the gym. When you take your exercise seriously, the first thing you...
Gear & Accessories, Home Gym

6 best treadmill mats for noise reduction, vibration and protecting floor

You often find a thick mat under a treadmill in a gym or other place. So, to many of you, a question comes about the essence of this mat. Actually, it is quite an...
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4 best yoga beginner should try for better health

So you have decided to shape up for a healthier lifestyle with yoga. Well, that must be a great decision since yoga will give you the proper flexibility your body needs for sound health...
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7 best folding treadmill for small space 2020

For the job holder and students who don't have enough time to maintain a gym life, then a home gym is a great idea. But you cannot imagine a home gym without a treadmill....
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Home gym essentials- everything you should know to build a home gym

The popularity of a home gym has become an essential prospect as we are more concerned about our health than we were in the past. Smart people are always select an area for exercise...
vertical climber vs treadmill Cardio, Home Gym


Vertical climber vs treadmill! we often become confused when we have to choose any one of these. Treadmill and vertical climber both are known as the best for cardio and full-body workout. Moreover, they...
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10 Best power tower stations review 2020

Let's talk about a piece of powerful and adequate equipment, the power tower. Do you know what a power tower is? It is an essential exercising machine that will help you do exercises for...
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10 best ab workout machines for home use 2020

If you like to have a home gym and love to build amazing abs packs, then an ab machine can come as a great help for you. The abdominal machine is such a machine...
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6 best quality cheap squat racks reviews 2020

You must be familiar with a squat rack if you are a gym guy. This article is actually about the best quality cheap squat racks. But first, you have to know what it is...
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12 best under desk treadmills 2020- perfect for home or office (Update-2020)

An under desk treadmill helps your cardio during your office work and at the same time, get rid of extra calories that will harm your body efficiently. You can stand up, walk or run,...
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7 best portable dip bars reviews for your home gym 2020

Before learning about the best dip bars, it is better to know what a dip bar is. Dip bar is exercising equipment that has two U shaped stands, and you can exercise by placing...
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8 best exercise mats reviews for home gym [Buying Guide]

Nowadays, we do different exercises to stay fit. We become so concerned that we don't even think twice about spending everything while investing in gym products. Having an exercise mat for home gym brings...
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7 best digital foot pedal exercisers [Reviews & Buying Guide]

People in this modern world have become busier than they should be. They barely get time for thinking of their health as well as to do some exercises.  Most of our work is computer...
best weight bench for home Free Weights, Home Gym

Best High Capacity Adjustable Weight Bench for home gym

Your home gym without a good weight bench is tough to call as a completed one. A weight bench is such a gym accessory with that will let you deal with a number of...
best treadmill for small home Cardio, Home Gym

Best Budget Multi-functional Treadmill for Small home/Apartment

A treadmill is one of the most popular home gym equipment now a day. The reason is simple, it burns more calories than any other exercise machine or equipment. Health-conscious people need to have...


If you’re smart enough you can burn a lot more calories in a very less time. Rowing machine, Treadmill, Spin Bike, etc are the best piece of equipment for your cardio training.


The wearable fitness devices have become very popular in recent years. Heart monitors, pedometers, and calorie counters have emerged into all-in-one devices that can associate to the Internet or your smartphone for everlasting tracking.


Home gym means a small handy spot in someone’s home. The best benefit of a home gym is that you don’t have to use equipment that other people use. You can exercise anytime you want. These kinds of products are usually very small and easy to store or transport.


A modern Yoga practitioner needs a Yoga mat, mat cleaner, towel and a bag to feel comfortable during Yoga.