3 best fitness tracker for teenagers 2021 [buying guide & review]

best fitness tracker for teenagers

To transpire about the best fitness tracker for teenagers, you must know what advantages are acquirable predominantly. Nowadays, fitness-related accessories have become a crucial fact to be on the wanted list. On that note, running, calorie consumption is real subject to survey as our current activity level. Even the teenagers contrive on the most part in pursuance of heart-smart daily goals.

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Are you one of them who likes to keep track of their child’s movements? Then this is the right place for you. Bearing a review content, I will interpose you with some fantastic fitness tracker products with the best features. So snap up your perfect choice.

Importance of fitness tracker for your kids

benefits of fitness tracker for teen

While the best fitness tracker for teenagers is a sensible option to keep their all-time activities on course, Evermore, the importance of such exploits is endless.

A fundamental insight of kids is much more considerable when establishing a productive and active lifestyle. One of the most significant advantages of fitness trackers is motivation attainment. Once your child gets adapted to such sources, he will surely love the whole pile of activity points.

The ease and progress of our physical activities is something we want. And if that rotation comes into your kid, there is no doubt he will promote healthy habits as soon as possible. Day by day, they will become more aware of their activity level and boost for upgrading themselves.

Be it family challenges or fun virtuals; your child will have his possibility to work sensibly and thus accumulate sensible grudges. To all kids, you deserve to have better sleep staying active throughout the day. Maintaining a simultaneous balance think for acquisition on fitness trackers and achieve excellent benefits. Let’s have a look at some significant products of relevant outcomes.

BIGGERFIVE Activity Tracker Watch for Teens, Boys, Girls

best fitness tracker for children

For kids of 5+, BIGGERFIVE had launched a fantastic product to track their fitness with utmost care. With TPU materials, children can choose it for durable and flexible consumption. Moreover, there is no harmful substance and conveys accessible to carry benefit with only 17g.

best fitness tracker for child

USB adapters are relevant to charge rather than any extra charger. Just charge it for 1-2 hours, and you are ready to use it for seven days. Whether you have a young girl or boy, both can carry it within excellent structures.

best fitness tracker for kids


Nowadays, smartphones are in everyone’s hands. So there will be no hindrance to connecting with that as well.

Alarm Clock

There is a vibrating alarm clock not to disturb anyone but wake you up at any time. You will get the data of your sleep the whole night through the given app.

Activity Tracking

Easy to check out the watch display or your phone’s app to see how many calories you have burnt. Each step and distance are going to be counted sequentially.

Pros & Cons

A very lightweightA little expensive
Easy to check activities
Charge lasts long
Durable and flexible

BIGGERFIVE Fitness: A perfect gift for teen

best fitness tracker for teens

BIGGERFIVE has come up with another efficient IP68 high-grade waterproof tracker. As a result, you can take part in water activities pleasantly. Furthermore, how many calories you burn in a day, how many steps and distances you tool, everything will be recorded. 10+ activity modes will be on your hand, e.g., walking, running, bicycle, climbing, tennis, workout, and so on.

To grasp some more properties, let’s be affiliated with some key features of it.

best activity tracker for teen

Battery life

USB adapters are enough to charge this fitness tracker instead of extra chargers. They are considering less charging and. More moving, you can use it for seven days with 1-2 hour inciting.

Sleep tracker

Others can sleep peacefully while your child will wake up via our vibrating alarm clock in a smooth way. A handful of records of your sleep will be listed overnight on this activity tracker.


VeryFitPro is a free app you need to install on your smartphone with Android 4.4 and ISO 8.0.

Pros & Cons

Less charging, more moving traitsLimitations inaccuracy
Easy to check activities
Convenient sleep tracker
Compatible with smartphones

GOGUM Slim Tracker for Teens Age 5-16

best fitness tracker for kids

From 5 years children to 16 years teens, can comply with GOGUM’s fitness tracker undoubtedly. The practical design and replacements condemn this product to be of high quality. So, be sure that damaging or losing will be a poor thing for this watch.

Heart rate steps, calories, sleep data distance are all you can get as a 24-hour intelligent tracker. There are 11 sport modes like swimming, hiking, stair bikes, rowing machine, ellipticals, etc. To keep your champ motivated, award him for reaching his aim exclusively.

Waterproofed and slim tracker

IPS color screen of 0.96 inch makes you wear quickly with no bulkiness. Also, it bears IP68 waterproof capacity so that you won’t separate even in water ventures.

waterproof fitness tracker for kids



easy to charge fitness tracker

Don’t worry about charging cable as it’s ultimately USB mode friendly with cordless undertakings. The battery is going to remain for a long time of 5 to 7 days.


Nowadays, Android 4.4 and ISO 8.0 are commonly seen in everyone’s possession. Suppose you have it, great. The youth generation can repay with a free downloading app and go for a lovely experience of active life.

Easy to useThe strap is too soft
The battery remains 5-7 days
Waterproof and slim tracker
High-quality band



In finding the best fitness tracker for your teenagers, I hope you got your preferable one till now; the above-given products depicted praiseworthy functions and features. What matters the most is the scheduled and active life of your kid. As per your requirements, go for your best alternative with the fitting gesture.

In this era of 2021, we all want a well-settled existence and for teenagers paradoxically. So don’t think twice and pluck the best fitness tracker for your baby hero.

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