7 best fitness tracker for tweens 2022 [buying guide]

As concerned parents, you would surely like to enquire about the best fitness tracker for tweens. There is the immense importance of fitness trackers in our life. They keep our heart rate, sleep, activities, and everything under strict surveillance to make us worthy of an organized manner of living.

A sensible acquisition would be a fitness tracker of excellent standards. But can’t figure out the best alternatives?

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Then this is the right place for you. I have accumulated some splendid products in presentation for your tween with excellent mobility. To grasp the perfect tracker, which comes out to be of great review.

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GOGUM Slim Fitness Trackers for tweens


  • Brand: Gogum Slim Fitness Tracker
  • Color: Pink, white, black, blue, cf, Red
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Built-in USB charger
  • Long Battery life
  • Android 4.4 above, IOS 8.0 or higher smartphones

slim fitness tracker for tweens


Gogum presents a slim fitness tracker for both boys and girls age 5 to 16. The adjustable design makes the tracker more suitable for tweens. Moreover, you can replace the band anytime, so nothing to worry about if facing damage issues.

slim fitness tracker for kids


This intelligent fitness tracker makes tracking secure because it provides accurate results. You will get 24 hours automatic monitoring of your child’s heart. The IP68 waterproof technology will help you while your kids busy swimming.

11 Modes activity tracker

slim activity tracker for tweens

This intelligent fitness tracker makes tracking secure because it provides accurate results. You will get 24 hours automatic monitoring of your child’s heart. The IP68 waterproof technology will help you while your kids busy swimming. On the other hand, stair biking, cycling, exercising on a rowing machine or an elliptical becomes essential exercises for teenagers.

Gogum Slim fitness tracker provides 11 sports modes. It tracks heart rate, calories, sleeps data, walking, running, swimming, etc. You don’t need any charger, it’s a built-in USB charger. Furthermore, the battery life is amazing. These fitness trackers can be used a minimum of 5-7 days if fully charged. These fitness trackers support both android or Ios phones. You can download the free app to connect with your device.

  • Pros

  • High Quality Replacement Band
  • Tracks 24 hours
  • Slim Fitness Tracker
  • IP68 waterproof capacity
  • Easy to charge, require no charging cable
  • Cons

  • sometimes stops tracking


Garmin Vívofit® jr. 2 fitness tracker for tweens

garmin fitness tracker for tweens
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Owing to a customizable color screen, you can dispense your tween each minute’s goal motivation. It’s a complete swim-friendly band involving parents’ chore management access. The icons feature Anna, Elsa, and their Frozen two friends.

The user is replaceable, and you don’t have to recharge it several times. Your sleep will be estimated with 60 minutes of daily record activity. Homework, practice time, brushing teeth are all kept on reminder alerts.

Stylish and strong:

From recess to soccer, your kid can acquire Frozen 2 style with this double tracker.

Rewards and responsibilities

Recurrent weekly or daily can be set up with schedule alerts from smartphone apps.

stylish fitness tracker for tweens







A swim-friendly bandResets at random
High-quality and stylish
No recharge necessary
Budget-friendly and reliant

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Vívofit jr. 3 adjustable activity tracker for kids

best activity tracker for tweens


Your kiddos deserve to explore their world, and Vívofit jr. 3 is an aid for that. This fitness tracker comprises a parent replaceable battery, watch face options, and a swim-friendly colorful display. Battery life sustains for one year and has adequate data of 60 minutes activity.

disney princess fitness tracker for teen


The Garmin jr app is a source to connect this band on your smartphone. Tweens can have a fantastic experience of new places and world tours on an adjusted track.


Sleep and active minutes are estimated, along with the management of assigned chores. Positively reinforce your child’s behavior on behalf of time settings and rewards.


The beneficial alarm clock is there to wake you up at a time, and it also shows your child’s emergency contact number.

Pros & Cons

1-year battery lifeNot so cheap
Parent replaceable consumption is ensured
Compatible with smartphones
Best for tours

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ONIOU tweens Fitness Tracker Watch with IP67 Waterproof Activity Tracker

tween waterproof fitness tracker


For all 5+ children, ONIOU has designed a splendid fitness tracker to track your daily activities. If you have short wrists, don’t worry because a shorter strap has been assembled to fit everyone’s hand. It’s straightforward to use, and durability is commendable

You won’t have any bulky problems due to lightweight solutions. On the other hand, the activity tracker helps to record steps, distance, burnt calories, and so on so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

all day activity tracker for tweens

Sleep tracker

How long you sleep, light or deep comes through recognizable statistics that wake you peacefully through a vibrating reminder.

Intimate reminder

VeryFitPro app will remind your tween to move, sleep, exercise, take medicines, and others at the exact time.


Built-in USB plugs are excellent to charge for less time and use for five days. Android 4.4 and ISO 8.0 are entrancingly compatible.

waterproof fitness watch for tweenagers

Pros & Cons

Easy to useLess durable than others
Lightweight activity tracker
Battery life remains 5 days
It fits on short wrists

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Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker for your child Age 5-16

fitness watch age 5 to 16

The Inspiratek has launched a one-touch system fitness tracker for super easy use. Girls and boys between 5 to 16 years can have flawless utilization of this product.

Moreover, the custom design is constructed erectly to fit securely and comfortably. It’s made with lithium-ion with waterproof well-being and high quality.


There is a custom app to provide you with ten built-in functions.


The device helps to note down your sleep, exercises, sports, playtime, and daily activities predominantly.

best tweens fitness tracker

Pros & Cons

Water-resistant bandNot so durable
Made of high-quality materials
Super easy to use
It fits securely and comfortably

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Biggerfive fitness tracker best for 5+ kids

Smart parents always look for the right thing to buy their kids this holiday season, so to assist them, I have the perfect present – MorePro Fitness Tracker for Kids.

This amazing product features everything you want for your tweens and maybe more: it has 24/7 temperature tracing, monitors all-day activities (including sleep data!), health & sleep monitoring features, and is water-resistant up to 100 meters! The device features full IP68 waterproof protection to support your kids participating more water activities.

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

The watch is compatible with iPhone version 9.0 or above and Android 4.4. On the other hand, Charging is super easy; you can charge it anytime anywhere in USB Socker or from your PC/Laptop.

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3 key reasons to buy Morepro V101 for your kids

waterproof IP67 fitness watch for kids

Morepro provides adjustable silicon strap, made of non toxic andlow-sensitive material that protects kid’s skin.

The size range (4.7 to 8.3) is perfectly fine for your tween/teen

The device features call/messages reminders which is very important for your kids.

Attractive and Excellent Graphics designSometimes the device doesn’t track accurate steps
Perfect for 5 to 14 kids 
Fast Delivery and packaged nicely 
Easy to use 
IP68 Waterproof 
Budget Friendly Tracker 

CanMixs Fitness Tracker for teenager

The kid-friendly tracker is the best to monitor your child’s physical activity. The flexible TPU material that carries no harmful substances, this wearable device fits tween or preteens as young as five to 12 years old, and the lightweight design brings them comfort while wearing it.

The device will last many years outdoors with them and keep track, so you feel relaxed at home or office while your tweens stay active enough when not in school! It also features an IP68 waterproof rating that ensures that your tweens can enjoy all water sports activities without worrying about damaging their watches from being submerged underwater for a long time.

multiple sports mode fitness tracker for tween
Picture from Amazon

The heart rate sensor is accurate and built to monitor real-time data based on two-finger touch readings each day at approx. 5-minute intervals after every meal

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4 Reasons to buy CanMixs watch for your kids

best fitness tracker for kids
  1. You can check Blood Pressure and Temperatur

2. Multi Sport Mode will help your children participate in different sports

3. IP68 waterproof Technology lets your kids swimming for long time

4. Easy to charge, Support All the android device and IOS

Easy to useThe tracker will not pair with bluetooth
Resonable Price 
Lightweight, only 22g 
Track sleep & Heart Rate monitor 
Built in USB Charging 

Tweens fitness tracker buying guide

Before you choose a fitness tracker for your tween, be affiliated with some relevant important traits to your product. Let’s not beat around a bush and get to the exact points.

Activity tracking

A GPS assemble tracker will make you warn of your steps, distance, running, and walking. Altimeter and log are inevitable to count flights of stairs. How many calories you burn shall be an adjustable requisition. And if you are a swimmer, then you must go for a waterproof alternative doubtlessly. The app installing presumptions shall be accurate to notify you each time.


Make sure you own a perfect display, including touch screens, side buttons, color visibility, and size. An intuitive interface here will be excellent if you get it.

Battery and charging

The battery life and charging depend on the product’s features. If your GPS setting is on, then don’t expect a long-lasting battery. Otherwise, 4 or 5 days can be easily possible.

Heart rate monitoring

Optical sensors inside the trackers release heart rate monitoring in consideration of blood pulses. A holistic health focus should be a part of your choice simply.

Sleep tracking

Quality and accuracy are subject to the best fitness trackers. When to go to bed and when to rise everything your watch/band must make you alert. Your sleep patterns the behavior should be a milestone for your best choice.


Smart notifications from phones and inactivity alarms are key hallmarks to make you warn about each movement. Effective awareness shall be a salient particular for a fine product.


There left no stone unturned to commence you with some premier upshots regarding the best fitness tracker for tweens. Prepare your champ with defeating and sporty aliveness. On a high note, in 2021, children are chief pawns to update civilization day by day.

So why not think about it and present your kid with a delightful tracker? So choose your preferable one and have a nice experience.

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