9 Best Fitness Tracker Watch for Men and Women

A fitness tracker will motivate you if you continuously use it. Having a fitness watch provides your daily fitness activities like heart rate, calories burned, sleep monitoring, etc. Nowadays fitness trackers have become a smarter way to monitor your activities with accuracy. There are many fitness trackers also known as Activity trackers in the market, but choosing the best fitness watch is not an easy task. So, in this post, I will give a list and review of 9 best fitness tracker watch

I don’t think I have to define what a fitness tracker is.

A fitness tracker is a modern wearable device from which we can get our daily physical activity data relating to our fitness and health such as heart rate, number of calories we burned, etc.

There are many fitness trackers in the market. Different types of companies are featuring their product at different prices. This post is for people who are searching for a tracking machine at the lowest price. The low price doesn’t always mean bad quality. It serves according to your expectation. If your expectation is high then the product price will be high. Easy!

Before buying a fitness tracker you should consider a few things. I have discussed Everything you should look for in a fitness tracker

5 Things to consider before buying a fitness tracker (buying guide)

things to consider for fitness tracker

Accuracy: You have to be fully aware that fitness trackers are best for additional developments and encouraging activity but you won’t get the exact measure of your daily calorie burn. Sad but true!

Choose the Suitable design: There are many fitness trackers in the market that came with different types of design. As you will always carry the product with you, so you have to be aware of choosing the product which suits your figure as well as your outfit.

Going waterproof: Nowadays most fitness trackers come with built-in waterproofing. If you love swimming you will obviously want a watch which is waterproof. In that case, Garmin will suit you better as they come with added water resistance.

Understanding heart rate tech: Early fitness trackers do not have a heart rate monitor included, but nowadays this is becoming a standard for present generations.

Battery life and charging: It’s very important to be careful about battery life. Now there are many fitness trackers that will notify you if the battery is getting low so you can top up when required.

You might be wondering how could you get the best fitness tracker watch with various features on a very low budget. Yes, It’s possible. Our research team gave their best to find out the best fitness tracker watch for you at the very lowest price. Let’s see

List of 9 best fitness trackers

ImageCompany NameWhat I liked!Color
purple fitness trackerLetsfitTracks up to 14 exercises, customer service, easy charging, sense, inexpensiveblack, blue, purple, red, green, levender, pink
fitness watch blackLoluka3 years , big screen, 8 sports modes, perfect for kids, men & womenBlack
black activity trackerPubuBudget-friendly, Waterproof, gorgeous, display interface, 100% money back guaranteeBlack
MoreProColor screen, waterproof, easy charging, period reminder, .Black, purple, blue, pink
green fitness watchLintelekSlim, waterproof, needs 1.5 hours charge, built in charger, not very expensiveblack, blue, green, light purple, pink, business black
red fitness watchRORISVskin-friendly material, sweat-proof, ADU motion sensor.Red, blue, green, grey
camo fitness watchGarminHigh res display, GCM Compatible, captures different activities automatically, 24 hours wear ability.Black, white, CAMO
blue fitness watchCoffea H7-hrbest for men & women, multiple colors are available, easy installation, durable,Multiple Colors
pink fitness trackerLetscomperfect for men & women, tracks sleep duration automatically, easy to charge, calls & SMS on the wristMultiple Colors

Letsfit Activity Tracker watch

Letsfit is a multi-sport management daily fitness monitoring tracker. You can check your daily stats like steps, distance, calories, and activity time on your wrist. Furthermore, You can monitor the all-day heart rate as well as sleep quality at night.

best activity tracker

You can perform 14 exercises like riding, running, or reading exercise data reports on the app. Moreover, You can connect the fitness watch with your phone to see the real-time run stats. This activity band provides accurate results and the price is affordable.

This nice-looking wrist tracker comes with a built-in USB Plug and does not require a cable for charging. It features 4.0 Bluetooth and is compatible with all major smartphones. For better customer service, the company provides 24 hours email replies, 2 months refund or replacement, and 1 year.

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Loluka Big Color Screen Activity Tracker

Loluka presents a waterproof large screen with a heart rate monitor fitness tracker. Kids, men & women, everyone can use this tracker. There is 8 sports mode such as calorie counter, pedometer, sleep counter, blood pressure, etc.

big screen activity tracker

The cool part that I like the most is there for 3 years. That’s not the end, they also offer full return at any time if you are not satisfied with their product. For me, long time battery service and 24 hours customer service are the great features of this tracker

This fitness tracker is 100% IP67 Waterproof. The multifunctional HD 1.3inch color screen comes with a 230mAh battery. The brightness is adjustable and you can see the screen clearly in any conditions. There are 8 exercise modes in the smartwatch so you can exercise like skipping, badminton, running, cycling, basketball, football, swimming, etc.

I love this tracker. You will love it too.

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PUBU IP67 Water-Resistant Fitness watch

PUBU brings a smart wireless wristband with Calorie Counter, Sleep Monitor, and Pedometer. This black smartwatch provides 24 hours continuous heart rate and you can monitor your impressive sleep time (including deep or light) time and motion every night. There are 4 types of display interfaces. You can choose the mode you prefer by pressing the tracker’s touch panel 3 seconds long. 

Do you know the benefits of having an IP67 Water-Resistant tracker? Rainwater or heavy sweating will never harm your watch. You can swim one-meter depth and half an hour freely wearing this fitness tracker.

The 0.96-inch OLED touch screen will show you time and activity. By turning over the smart bracelet lights will up automatically and then, you can see step numbers and other things.

The PUBU company provides a 100% money-back guarantee, lifetime technical support, and 12 months of replacement.

The big problem is, that it does not feature a blood pressure & blood oxygen monitor. Besides this, this fitness tracker is the best in the market

So if you do not require to check blood pressure or oxygen then you can easily buy this amazing fitness tracker.

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MorePro Activity tracker with Heart Rate

Morepro activity tracker has a Physiological Period Reminder. This feature is for the female, used as a timely reminder of physiological states. Moreover, you can track your daily activities, calories burned, running, distance covered, etc.

activity tracker heart rate monitor

Morepro fitness tracker supports automatic sleep monitor and 24 hours continuous dynamic heart rate monitor. You can check your all heart data as a chart. The multi-display will show you total step count, Running, Fatigue test, Calorie burns, mileage, Call reminder, call refusal, the WeChat movement, Notification, photograph, etc.

The price of this product is not like others I have discussed but I totally love its something different features. If you are planning to buy something that features new and different then you should buy this fitness tracker.

Charging is easy! No charging cable or dock is needed. If this is charged 100%, you can use it 7 days long. The app supports all smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0. You if are not satisfied with the watch you can contact them directly or their Amazon customer support.

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Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek Fitness tracker has updated its previous version Fitness Tracker Watch ID107PLUS HR. To track your heart rate and health it has a professional pedometer. The product came with lots of functions such as 24 hours real-time dynamic heart rate monitor, appropriate physical exercises, and a weather forecast on the bracelet.

slim activity tracker

Good news for Music lovers,

The product features a Music controller so that you can freely control your music on your smartphone.

If you love colorful bands you can try this slim-body, skin-friendly, and lightweight fitness watch. This wristwatch will automatically show your sleep status on 0.86 bright OLED screens.

The company offers the best sales service, 1-year.

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Torntisc IP68 Waterproof Wrist Watch

Torntisc smartwatch is really awesome. You can buy it for yourself or for your loving person. The price is so good that you can gift it to someone. You can wear it every day. Our research team strongly recommends this product if the budget is low.

Torntisc Best Fitness Tracker Watch

This activity tracker is known as one of the best-sellers in the market. It supports life waterproof which helps to protect the bracelet while soaking hands, washing, or raining. It also prevents sweat and rust.

If you have to check your blood pressure or monitoring blood oxygen then you can try this machine.

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Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker

Do you know, You can detect your activity while around the office or jogging around the garden?

 fitness tracker

Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker features Move IQ, this system will automatically help you to recognize your activity and also display it on Garmin Connect. It also helps to capture different activities like running, swimming, biking, etc. There is a red move bar in the device which notifies you when to move or you can also see stats such as steps and calories on its easy-to-do high-resolution display.

Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker:

Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker will help you to guide breathing, serve you fantastic moments of calm throughout the day, help you to feel better and relax. The device doesn’t provide a charging cable or plug, it’s itself a USB charger.

coffea h7-hr best Fitness Tracker Watch

Coffea H7-HR Smartband records heart rate, sleep, step, total calories, and distance. It also provides message notifications, sedentary reminders, and remote camera control…..

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Letscom Fitness Tracker

Letscom fitness tracker watch is not a popular brand like Garmin or Fitbit, but trust me this is a very affordable Bluetooth tracking bracelet made of rubber or silicone. The tracker provides the same features as most current activity trackers do but at a low price.

letscom best Fitness Tracker Watch

You can monitor your activities the whole day with this slim and classy device.

This stylish band automatically records your whole day activities like steps, calories you burned, etc

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A fitness tracker is not just a machine, it’s actually your personal assistant. It can give you a daily, weekly, or monthly report of your daily workout. Most of the trackers are waterproof, so you don’t have to wear them off. The best 9 fitness watches that I have discussed are budget-friendly and look beautiful. Just pick any one of them that almost fulfill all of your criteria.

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