10 best gym bags for men Reviews & Buying guide 2022

Taking some time out from your daily routine for exercise will make you strong both physically and mentally. On the other hand, many of us choose to go to the gym to keep an active lifestyle.  And when it comes to performing the daily fitness routine at the gym, an essential thing that you would need is a gym bag.

Whether you’re a beginner in the fitness journey, a professional weight trainer, or making preparations for your triathlon contest, a good gym bag can make a vast difference between a typical and remarkable performance. Nowadays, the best gym bags are designed to serve multi-purpose activities, from hiking to camping to traveling and carrying workout essentials.

Choosing the right bag among numerous options is indeed challenging, especially when you have no idea about the product. No worries. Our article has enlisted the best gym bag for men to help you get out of this trouble. You’ll also get to know about the product features, benefits, description, and so much more!


Comparison Table

Product NameDimension (Inches)Weight (Pounds)MaterialCall to Action

under armour red gym bag
Under Armour Red

11.8 x 24.4 x 131.2284% Polyester, 16% ElastaneCheck Price
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amazon basics men gym bag
Amazon Basics
24 x 12 x 131.9Synthetic FabricCheck Price
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amazon basics mens travel bag
Amazon Basics
23 inch
23 x 13 x 131.44Synthetic FabricCheck Price
Click for details
under armour men gym bag
Under Armour Black
14 x 29.5 x 14.61.4684% Polyester, 16% ElastaneCheck Price
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custon gym bag for men
Kuston Gym Bag
19.69 x10.24 x 9.84 (M)
22.8 x 11.4 x10.2 (L)
24.8 x12.8 x11.6 (XL)
1.87Oxford FabricCheck Price
Click for details
vorspack gym bag
Vorspack duffle bag
20 x 9.5 x 9.5 (L)
24 x 11.5 x 11.5 (M)
28 x 13.5 x 13.5 XL)
0.69NylonCheck Price
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sports gym bag with wet pocket
Sports gym bag
10 x 12 x 19 (M)
9 x 12 x 16 (L)
1.1PVCCheck Price
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dalix small gym bag
Dalix Small Bag
14 x 8.5 x 8.50.9600D polyesterCheck Price
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dalix gym bag for male
Dalix Duffle Bag
17 x 10 x 91.4600D polyester
Check Price
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buyagain gym bag
Buyagain Gym Bag
18 x 9 x 90.8600D polyesterCheck Price
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How We Wrote This Review

Why would you trust us? Indeed, this dilemma can cross your mind. Generally speaking, each of the products in our curated list has been selected after an extensive analysis. We didn’t just prioritize Amazon verified reviews.

Additionally, we’ve executed in-depth research on the products based on input from real users, resellers, and product experts. As a result, you can rest assured that none of the products we recommend will let you down.

If you’re someone who has decided to buy a gym bag, we hope that this review will help you make the right choice!

Top 10 Best Gym Bags for Men

1. Under Armour Duffle Bag For Men

Getting a gym bag for men Under Armour is a wise choice as it combines excellent functionality with a glossy look. This reliable gym bag can accommodate all workout essentials to give you a better fitness experience. Furthermore, if you’re seeking a medium-range solution, this best medium gym bag is a solid pick.

Featurs & Benefits

  • The product is made from 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane. This high-quality construction protects your bag from wear, tear, scratches and gives you long-time usability.
  • This bag features UA Storm technology. That means it provides continuous protection to keep you dry in wet conditions. Wind, dust, sleet, snow, rain – nothing happens to it in any weather.
  • It has two spacious zippered organized pockets on the front side. Besides, a large compartment with two side pockets is what you’ll get in this bag. In a nutshell, it provides a large amount of storage space for all of your important equipment.
  • The bag comes with a customizable padded shoulder strap with two padded top handles. This provides comfort and prevents your back or shoulder from getting sore.
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
Waterproof liningSometimes it may not match the color of the picture
Lining for moisture absorptionThere is no bottom stabilizer
Abrasion-resistant side and bottom panelsZippers are at risk of breaking
Tough construction 
Multifunctional backpack 

Our Verdict

If you’re searching for the best men’s gym bag with a shoe compartment, you won’t get anything better than this model from Under Armour. In addition, this bag is available in some vibrant colors, allowing you to make choices based on your demands.

2. AmazonBasics Lightweight Medium Duffel Gym Bag

Whether it’s for traveling, whirling around the city for office work, or trying to hit a gym session after a tiring business meeting, all you need is a good gym bag that’s comfortable to handle. With the AmazonBasics Medium Duffel Gym Bag, you’ll feel energetic and ready to provide complete concentration.

Features & Benefits

  • This best medium gym bag features a 60L capacity. So, you can easily stash your pre or post-workout stuff in this large bag.
  • This duffle bag has a pocket for dirty clothes and shoes. This benefit makes it the best gym bag for shower. You can keep your dirty clothes separate from other stuff, and the smell doesn’t come out because of its vented texture.
  • It includes an interior zippered compartment. This pocket will allow you to carry a gym card, mobile, key, and small tool.
  • The shoulder strap and grab handle come in a padded design. This comfortable design keeps the shoulder strap in place.
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
Available different colorsSome reviewers think that the bag is way too flimsy
Abrasion proof textureIt doesn’t have any rigid panel at the bottom
Perfect versatile bagThe strap is too long for some users
Lightweight and compact 
Breathable zippered pocket 

Our Verdict

When looking for the best men’s bag for work and gym, the AmazonBasics Medium Duffel Gym Bag could be a suitable choice. This bag is a perfect choice for those who need to commute between work and the gym, as there is a separate vented compartment for the dirty laundry or shoes.

3. Amazon Basics Packable Black Gym or Travel Bag

Who doesn’t want to grab a great deal? Amazon Basics offer a broad range of budget-friendly and great-value products, and this Packable Travel Gym Duffel Bag is no less than this. Not only is it roomy, but it’s also made out of high-quality components, making it durable and reliable.

Features & Benefits

● The bag is made out of tear-resistant fabric. So, it guarantees you long-term use.
● You can store this bag easily inside a small backpack or gym locker as it comes in a foldable design. This feature makes it the best gym bag for small lockers.
● The bag has two hand straps and an adjustable shoulder strap. It lets you hold the bag in your comfort zone.
● It includes a multitude of organized compartments to store all items. You’ll also get an individual section for carrying dirty shoes and clothes. This compartment is vented and odor-resistant.

Photo Courtesy: Amazon
High-quality tight zippersThe cleaning process is a little bit challenging
WaterproofNot so good for heavy stuff
Lightweight and easily accessibleNot so durable compared to others
Individual shoe compartment 
Plenty of pockets 

Our Verdict

The AmazonBasics Packable Travel Gym Duffle Bag is a perfect choice for those people who need a bag to fit in their small lockers. This bag is also an excellent satchel for travel lovers.

4. Under Armour Adult Black Bag For Men

Are you looking for a convenient gym bag that can seamlessly handle your gym-to-work schedule? The Under Armour Adult Undeniable Duffle 4.0 Gym Bag offers multifunctional features, from traveling to airline carry-on to hiking to camping and much more.

Features & Benefits

● This bag comes with a large vented compartment for dirty shoes and laundry. But, for its breathable mesh pocket, it doesn’t make an awful odor.
● There are two zippered organized pockets at the front part. It enables you to keep things tidy and in order.
● This bag includes UA storm technology with a water-resistant lining. This system keeps water from seeping in.
● The volume is approximately 58 L. You can store or stash each essential in this bag.

black duffle gym bag for men
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
Abrasion proof side panelsThey don’t come with a bottom stabilizer
D-ring for additional attachmentsThe zippers can be a bit rigid
Removable HeatGear shoulder strapIt may have differences from the original color
Spacious vented pocket 
Comfortable texture 

Our Verdict

When it comes to getting something versatile and reliable, the Under Armour Adult Undeniable Duffle 4.0 Gym Bag is a pretty good choice. Whether it’s for travel, lugging around for office work, or preparing for a gym session after work, this bag would be the best choice.

5. Kuston Sports Small Gym Bag for Men and Women

The Kuston Sports Gym Bag for Men is attainable in three different sizes to meet the most customer demands. This gym bag is not only best for men but also perfect for women. What people love the most about this gym bag is that it’s an outstanding versatile bag.

Whether you plan to take it for outdoor activities, workouts, travel, or sports activities, this bag is something exceptional. So bring your sports ball to the gym for your next game!

Features and Benefits

  • The product has oxford fabric construction. Despite its lightweight structure, this bag is highly durable.
  • The bag consists of multifunctional pockets. You’ll get a large compartment for essentials, an internal zippered pocket for small items, a side pocket for shoes, and one waterproof zippered pocket to keep wet clothes.
  • The shoulder strap is customizable and durable. It allows you to carry the bag as a handbag or cross bag.
  • For its suitable design and variable sizes, this bag is a good choice for multiple purposes. If you’re one of those guys who need the best gym bag for students, the Kuston gym bag can fit your requirements.
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
VersatileThe bag is more likely to be damaged soon if used roughly•
Water-resistantThe material of a mesh pocket is not so good
High-quality ring attachmentThe main compartment is way too small for a basketball
Breathable side pocket 
Several inner and outer pockets 

Our Verdict

If you’re in search of a gym backpack for school, you need something reasonable and durable. The Kuston gym bag comes in a few energetic colors and multiple sizes to match all customer needs.

6. Vorspack Duffel Gym Bag (Foldable)

For a gym bag that’ll give you a professional look, you want something intelligent and minimalist with a high-end lining. Such an example is Vorspack Duffel Bag.

With a capacity of around 23L, this bag is perfect for holding both office files and workout stuff. What’s more, if you plan to take a high-intensity spinning exercise at the gym, this best gym bag for spin class would be an appropriate option.

Features and Benefits

  • Three different sizes with adequate volume make this bag perfect for personal and international travel. One spacious inner pocket is added to keep personal stuff. It also has a huge outer pocket for easy access to your belongings.
  • The bag features nylon lining. This fabric gives it a reliable and lightweight build.
  • High-quality materials are used for the zippers. Therefore, all the items inside will be protected.
  • It incorporates a detachable strap and two reinforced top handles. These padded straps are convenient and comfortable, which makes handling a bit easier.
foldable gym bag for men
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
Usable in many placesInner-lining is a bit problematic
Hassle-free maintenanceNo floor stabilizer
Reinforced top handleThe zippers can sometimes get stuck while pulling
Convenient handling 

Our Verdict

Unlike other duffle bags that sometimes fail to provide lasting service, the Vorspack Duffel Bag can give you a durable performance at such an affordable range. So pack all the items you need, and be ready to enjoy a hassle-free, enjoyable gym session!

If you’re interested in getting the best gym bag for strongmen, try this fantastic piece of Vorspack Duffel Bag.

7. Sports Lightweight Gym Bag with Wet Pocket

Owing a simple bag is the best choice for you, especially for lugging around heavy, bulky, and dirty items.

What sets the Sports gym bag apart from others is the separate dry and wet compartment. Hence, you can store your sweaty clothes in this bag after taking a shower and even stash your dirty shoes. Not only these, but your fresh clothes don’t mix with the dirty ones.

Features and Benefits

  • The product is made of waterproof PVC. It gives you access to keep dry and wet things separately.
  • This bag may be carried in three different ways. Handbag, crossbody bag, shoulder bag – choose one which makes you feel comfortable.
  • This bag comes with a mesh side pocket. It lets you keep a water bottle.
  • This backpack comes with several compartments. One 35L spacious pocket allows you to stash everything and a left-sided pocket for shoes.
sports lightweight gym bag with wet pocket
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
Multiple pockets inside and out
Adaptable to different applications
Lightweight and compact
Durable shoulder strap
The size is way too big for some users
No solid bottom
The fabric is a bit fragile

DALIX 14″ Small Two Toned Gym duffle Bag

What’s the best gym bag for different occasions? You can choose the DALIX 14” Small Duffle Bag. This one is available in 13 different soothing colors to make your daily life enjoyable and convenient.

Whether you need something for gym, travel, camping, sports, or even a birthday gift, this small duffle bag can be an ideal choice.

Features and Benefits

  • This bag comes with polyester texture and high-grade zippered compartments. So, you can get a lasting service.
  • It features a disjunct shoulder strap and two top-sided handles. These straps are comfortable enough to provide proper balance while carting on the shoulder.
  • This gym bag features a front organized pocket to store small accessories. Besides, it includes a roomy compartment for storing essentials.
  • The small gym bag comes in a versatile design, allowing you to take the bag wherever you want.
multi color gym bag for men
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
Premium qualityThe quality needs slight improvement
Multiple vibrant colors to choose fromNot suitable for basketball
Lightweight and durableThe fabric is way too thin
Padded strap 
Best for a small stash 

Our Verdict

For those looking for a small gym bag, the DALIX 14 inches would be your best choice. This bag can also be used as a child’s overnight bag.

9. Dalix Durable Gym or Sports Duffle Bag

If you’re on the way to selecting the best gym bag for college students, the DALIX 17 inches would best meet your needs. This bag comes in a perfect size that can stash all necessary arsenals for the gym.

In addition, the bag’s bottom is abrasion-proof, as well as its side panels. These features are precious, as they protect the bag from bruises when you move it in a small locker.

Features and Benefits

  • The material of this product is 600D polyester and heavy-vinyl lining. As a result, this one is capable of withstanding a heavily loaded usage.
  • It comes in a lightweight and roomy design. This feature enables you to use it for a variety of purposes.
  • The zipper is made of high-quality materials. So, it plays an anti-theft role and provides essential safety.
  • The stainless steel buckle holds the bag perfectly on the shoulder. The length of the strap can be adjusted to fit your preferences.
polyester gym bag for men
Photo Courtesy: amazon
U-shaped roomy zippered compartmentNot a long-lasting product
Designed to fulfill several functionsNeeds substantial care and maintenance
Tight-locked zippersNot a true to size
Reinforced handles 
Two large side pockets 

Our Verdict

This bag is undeniably good for those who plan to take a gym session after college. It has ample space to store all belongings such as towels, exercise books, clothes, water bottles, food items, etc.

10. BuyAgain 18″ Gym Duffle Bag with Top Handle

Buy Again duffle bag is the final product on our choice list. True that it’s not as good as the others, but it does have some features that make it to our list.

First of all, the zippered compartment and reinforced straps make the bag secure and comfortable. Also, the water-resistant lining provides access to all weather conditions. Finally, you can’t ignore its lively colors, which give it a perfect look for various purposes.

Features and Benefits

  • Both central and front compartments are covered with hidden zippers. It helps you feel secure while running on the road or taking gym sessions.
  • It has a detachable shoulder strap, two side handles, and a Velcro top handle. All of these straps are comfortable and maintain proper balance while carrying.
  • The product is highly durable and lightweight. It helps you to shuttle between work and the gym.
  • It has a small and convenient design. You can easily fit it under a desk, airline seat, car deck, and any confined place.
top gym bag for men
Photo Courtesy: Amazon
Plenty of pocketsThe construction materials are a bit cheap
Three carrying optionsNot so suitable for heavy-duty applications
Concealed zippersThe bag is too tiny for a whole-day schedule
Hassle-free transport 


While choosing the best gym bag for suits, you need one that has ample space to store all of your clothes and other belongings easily. You can use this bag to store washing suits, wet dresses, dirty shoes, sports suits, and much more.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gym Bag for Men

A gym bag may seem like a regular bag. But in reality, some features make it stand out from others. Gym bags can range from an exceptional backpack made out of high-grade materials to a cheap and poorly made one.

Below you’ll get a list of some crucial factors. Considering those factors while purchasing the best gym bag male will make your investment worthwhile.


When the word gym bag comes to mind, you’ll get it in various types, including a gym backpack, duffle bag, or an original drawstring gym bag. Consequently, you can choose one based on your personal preference.

If you’re one of those guys who need to move between the office and gym, a duffle bag would be a better option for you. Or, if you have to go far to reach the gym, you should choose a gym backpack. A drawstring gym bag is made to provide a solution for people who want something light to carry and prefer easy maintenance.


It’ll be best if you choose the backpack gym bag based on your type of activity. For example, if swimming is your thing, you should go for the best gym bag for swimmers with a waterproof texture. On the other hand, you must consider these things if you need anything for weightlifting, racing, or cycling.

Size & Design

Depending on the sports, gym bags come in different sizes and designs. If you plan to carry swimming suits and even cycling shoes, you probably need a large gym bag. Even if you sweat a lot, the best gym bag for sweaty clothes would be helpful for you.

However, if you have to stash small gym essentials, you can get a small gym bag. Generally speaking, the size and design of your gym bag depend on what type of stuff you want to carry. 


You’ll get gym bags manufactured with different materials – nylon, polyester, vinyl, leather, and so on.


If your main focus is to get a lightweight, budget-friendly gym bag, nylon can fit your requirements. However, it’s not as durable as polyester.


This water-resistant synthetic fabric is one of the best materials used to make gym backpacks. Polyester ensures excellent durability and is relatively easy to clean.


Vinyl is also reasonable and averts stains pretty well. The main disadvantage of this material is that it scratches easily. As a result, you may need to use it with caution.


Most people love gym bags made of quality leather as it comes in an elegant look and design. In addition, this kind of bag is more durable and maintains its original shape quite well.


A significant feature of the best gym bag for guys is that they come with many compartments to help you access your items efficiently and quickly. So whether you need an individual section to stash your shoes and sweaty clothes or a tiny pocket to lug around small things, the best gym bag serves most applications.


Is your gym bag easy to carry with shoulder or back straps? Anyone should keep this in mind while buying a gym bag. If your straps and handles are uncomfortable, they can cause irritation and even pain. Ensure that your bag has soft-padded straps.

Final Verdict

That’s our take on the matter of choosing gym bags. You should now be able to tell which one is most suited to your requirements. However, it would be better to choose one according to the purpose, features, and budget.

Our article features the best gym bag for men with a detailed review to help those in a dilemma choosing the right gym bag. We hope you found our information favorable and come to a reasonable conclusion, Happy Shopping!

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