10 Best Women’s Gym Bags For Yoga, Pilates And Workout

Having a stylish gym bag that is well built and full of features can make your visit to the gym more inspiring and exciting. You need the perfect gym bag for yourself that will make your gym tour fashionable. It’ll also carry all the goods such as your sweatshirts, gym pants, shoes, water bottle, phone, earphones, and other accessories that you need. 

In your duffel bags, cheap totes, and backpacks, your clothes can get dirty by the worn shoes. Your headphones can get twisted, and the broken zip and torn straps will just add to your misery. So you need a reliable gym bag that can carry all your necessary equipment without any hassle and will go a mile with you.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional in the gym, you’ll always find it hard to choose the best gym bag for yourself. So here we have come with this article on the best gym bags for women that will help you find the perfect gym bag that will meet your requirements.

You have all the right to have doubts and second thoughts about this article. And this question might come to your mind that why should you trust our review? 

But to be honest, we have not written this article only based on Amazon’s perspectives. We have taken a lot of time to gather an overview from the actual users, professionals, product experts, fitness instructors, and researchers to write this post. 

People have their personal and different preferences. That’s why after doing extensive analysis on this matter based on the overall features like popularity, trends, budget, style, size, weight, etc., we have listed our top 10 best gym bags for women. 

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Whether you are a gym maniac or a newcomer wishing to buy a gym bag, this article will help you find out the perfect match for you that will meet all your essentials.

 ProductDimension (Inches)Weight (Pounds)MaterialCall to Action
Puma Evercat dispatch double
Puma Evercat Dispatch Duffle
0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 1.24 100% polyesterCheck The Price
boost sports gym bag
Boost Sports Gym Bag
20 x 10.2 x 101.65Oxford fabricCheck The Price
under armour adult bag
Under Armour Adult Undeniable Duffle 3.0
24.8 x 12.99 x 11.811.3995% Polyester, 5% Elastane Check The Price
adidas round studio bag
Adidas by Stella McCartney Round Studio Bag
10 x 20 x 61.43Technical weave Check The Price

Adidas Alliance II Sackpack
14 x 180.5100% PolyesterCheck The Price
top gym bag for women
 Yugefom Gym Bag
11.6 x 9 x 2.31.25High-quality Nylon fabricCheck The Price
best nike women gym bag
Nike Women’s Gym Club
22.05 x 9.06 x 12.011.1565% recycled Polyester Check The Price
leisure gym bag
Ban.do Lady of Leisure Gym Bag
20 x 9 x 90.9Cotton twill Check The Price
medium metro tote bag for women
MZ Wallace Women’s Medium Metro Tote
13 x 19 x 9.751.1Quilted nylon Check The Price
 sports bag for women pink
Kuston Sports Gym Bag 
19.68 x 10.23 x 8.941.65Oxford fabricCheck The Price

In this part, we have tried to show you a precise comparison between the gym bags that we have selected. Let’s look at the chart and primarily compare them with each other. 

Top 10 Best Gym Bags For Women

Here we have listed down our top 10 best gym bags for women based on our analysis. I hope you can choose the perfect one for yourself from here.

Puma Evercat Dispatch Duffle

Puma inexpensive duffle

This Puma bag is ideal if you’re searching for an inexpensive duffel that can carry all of your stuff in one area. While many workout gym bags have multiple sections, this one only has one. The bag is also a buddy for those who want to carry a lot of exercise equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • This bag’s material is 100% polyester. So, if the bag gets dirty, all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine.
  • For more organized storage, there are two more compartments in this bag. Inside the bag, a small zippered compartment is ideal for keys or other small items, and the other one is on the side.
  • It comes with two carrying handles and a handy strap. It will be easy to carry if it becomes too heavy.
  • Buying this bag is an outstanding deal because it provides better quality compared to its low price.

Pros & Cons

● Lightweight but durable● They could have used separate compartments
● Enough space for all gym gear● Limited color range
● Inexpensive compared to the quality.● Not entirely waterproof
● Easy to carry
● Adjustable shoulder straps


If you search for exercise bags for women with ample space, this will be a perfect match. This bag offers you everything that an ideal gym bag should.

Boost Sports Gym Bag

best gym bag with shoe compartment

Boost sports gym bag offers you one of the best women’s gym bags with a shoe compartment. If you swim regularly, you will need a separate wet section to store your bathing suit and towel after the workout. This bag provides you with these different pockets with a separate shoe compartment. 

Features and Benefits

  • It has a shoe compartment, a tear-resistant leather bottom, a side pocket, and a wet pouch. So you can carry almost every gym gear that you want. 
  • There are two ventilation holes on both sides. This quality offers better airflow inside the bag.
  • Its substance is water-resistant oxford fabrics. This material allows the bag to stretch and breathe.
  • This bag offers versatility because it’s perfect for training, hiking, camping, and traveling.  

Pros & Cons

● Inexpensive but sturdy● There is no separate water bottle compartment
● Water-resistant● This bag lacks a brand-name reputation 
● Comfortable and lightweight
● Adjustable strap
● Separate shoe compartment and wet pouch


This bag is a top-notch product because of the qualities it has. With a total of five pockets and subtle style, this bag offers you an ideal gym bag for your everyday life.

Under Armour Adult Undeniable Duffle 3.0

under armour gym bags for women

Under Armour offers you some cool gym bags for women that are high-quality and super-functional compared to their price. It provides you with a waterproof and abrasion-resistant bag that is easy to carry in travel and work. 

Features and Benefits

women gym bags with separate compartments
  • The UA technology used in impregnating the fabric makes the bag one of the most abrasion-resistant and waterproof gym bags.  
  • This bag comes with an extensive primary compartment. There are separate compartments for your shoes and wet clothes. 
  • It has several straps to carry like a handbag or around the shoulder. So you can take this in many ways as you wish. 
  • This bag comes in different sizes and colors. So you can always pick the one that suits you the best.

Pros & Cons

● Highly waterproof● Top handles sometimes make it harder to open the main compartment
● The big main compartment allows carrying almost everything● Full side pockets reduce space for the main pocket
● Separated shoe and wet clothes compartments● Zippers are at risk of breaking
● Padded shoulder straps
● Exceptional durability


This gym bag is perfect for your outdoor workout without worrying about strong smelled sweaty clothes. These are some of those cool gym bags that prove that you do not have to spend much to buy a high-quality product.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Round Studio Bag

vintage duffle design gym bag for women

This Adidas by Stella McCartney bag features a vintage duffel design and a sporty technical weave. 

It has a keychain with a logo and various pockets for simple organization. You can pack it with all the gym needs for your next workout.

Features and Benefits

black fashionable gym bag for women
  • everyone highly praises This bag for its packability, and you can fold it anytime you want.
  • The keychain with the logo provided makes it more fashionable.
  • It has both shoulder straps and carrying handles. This feature makes this bag easy to carry and also stylish.
  • The bag offers the perfect amount of pockets. So you can have almost everything without worrying about sweat and dirt.

Pros & cons

● It does not take up unnecessary space● Limited color range
● Highly fashionable● No distinct shoe compartment
● Perfect for outdoor use
● Durable and water-resistant


This collab between Adidas and Stella McCartney has resulted in a fashionable and water-resistant gym bag. It’s a classic duffle bag among all the trendy gym bags for women.

Adidas Alliance II Sackpack

adidas lightweight gym bag female

Adidas Alliance II sackpack is the most lightweight gym bag on our list. If you wish for a bag that can hold all of your gym equipment and wash easily, this will be women’s most popular gym bag. It is highly praised for its lightweight, as you can easily carry it. 

Features and Benefits

  • It weighs only 0.5 pounds. So you can carry this for a long time without any hassle.
  • Though the bag showcases simplicity, it has enough space for necessary gym gear.
  • The bag’s material is 100% polyester which makes it water-resistant and durable.
  • There is a zipper on the outside pocket. So it is easy to keep things in this additional storage at any time.
  • Two water bottle pockets make it more desirable. 

Pros & Cons

● Lightweight● The color can fade away sometimes
● Simple but not bulky● No internal rubber coating
● Drawcord closure system
● Customer satisfaction
● High-quality material
● Easily foldable when not in use


Adidas Alliance II backpack is a universal style of backpack that offers easy cleanup. With this backpack, you can showcase your on-the-go and athletic lifestyle together. You can carry them anywhere you want.

Yugefom Gym Bag

long lasting gym bag for women

If you want to take all your gear to the gym without spending much on a gym bag, then this Yugefom gym bah will be perfect. The main chamber is big enough to carry a basket. 

Not to mention the separate compartment for shoes and dry wet pockets, which makes it more attractive. It comes in a variety of eye-soothing colors and also is very long-lasting.

Features and Benefits

  • You can use this bag as multipurpose gear. You can use this both as a backpack and a shoulder bag.
  • It has a separate shoe compartment, and you can keep your clothes and other accessories free from your dirty or wet shoes.
  • The bags come in two colors – black and pink. Pink ones can be cool gym bags for women.
  • Separate wet and dry compartments carry your dry and wet clothes without mixing.

Pros & Cons

● Multipurpose use● Only two colors are available
● Dry and wet different pockets● It might not last long
● Large capacity● Pink ones can be tough to clean
● Separate shoe compartment
● Wide application
● Made with high-quality waterproof materials


This bag is big enough to carry your gym equipment and travel too, which will not cost you a fortune. The two padded straps and detachable straps make it easier to carry in different styles. 

Nike Women’s Gym Club

nike women's gym bag

The Nike Gym Club Duffel is a lightweight and simple-to-carry gym bag. It has plenty of room for all of your essentials. You’ll be ready to exercise wherever your exercise leads you. All thanks to the durable materials and two additional pockets. 

It’s a classy bag with shoulder straps that you can easily carry. It’s available in two bright hues to let you stand out in a crowd. Choose this one and head to the gym in style!

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight tear-resistant fabric is its material. This material makes it tough and keeps your gear protected.
  • Thanks to multiple inside compartments, including one for your shoes, your workout essentials, and must-haves are kept separate.
  • There are two outer zipped pockets to keep your belongings secure and accessible.
  • A snap pocket provides Quick-grab functionality on the sides.

Pros & Cons

● Easy to clean● Color doesn’t always match the picture
● Bold look● It can be a bit expensive
● Double zipper compartment● The straps can be uncomfortable for some people
● Lightweight but spacious
● Adjustable shoulder straps
● Available in various colors


The Nike Women’s Gym Club Bag has a strong style that will raise eyebrows. It’s made entirely of polyester, with a polyester lining. There’s no excuse not to choose this, with plenty of pockets and increased durability.

Ban.do Lady of Leisure Gym Bag

vibrant color gym bag for women

Well, with work it out gym bag Lady of Leisure from the Ban. Do, everybody will understand that you mean business. Ban.do specialize in elegant gifts and accessories inspired by all joyful things such as confetti, disco balls, and fizzy beverages. Prepare yourself for a barrage of attention and zillions of dollars if you use a Ban.do item.

Features and Benefits

  • Ban. Do’s vibrant colors, irreverent designs, and a plethora of glitter make it the most stylish gym bag for women.
  • Its substance is cotton twill with a cotton lining, which makes it easy to wash.
  • The bag has branded gold metal zipper pull that makes it easily accessible. 
  • It has a flat base panel and side pockets to carry all the small accessories. 
  • This bag has got a place to thread earbuds. So you can listen to music anytime you want.

Pros & Cons

● Eight attractive color options● It can be a bit small to carry your shoes
● Not too bulky● Zippers can sometimes get stuck while pulling
● Built with metal hardware and reinforced handles
● Greater durability
● Easily washable


This gorgeous Ban.do Lady of Leisure Gym Bag is built for minimalists. It won’t store much other than a change of gym clothes, but you’ll be carrying your training stuff in style.

MZ Wallace Women’s Medium Metro Tote

medium size gym bag for women

If you do not want your gym bag to look like one, the Medium Metro Tote with its quilted nylon that’s sporty but also dressy will be an excellent choice for you. This one is large enough to hold your laptop but folds down easily when you need to cram it into one of those cramped gym lockers.

Features and Benefits

tote bag for women
  • It has a dazzling iridescent quilted exterior which makes it more fashionable and the hottest. 
  • This bag is one of the most famous totes with two handles.
  • It is spacious enough to carry your gym clothes, phones, make-up, water bottle, and lunch boxes.
  • The bag’s material is quilted nylon, which is highly water-resistant and nearly impossible to tear. 
  • It has six internal pockets and a detachable pouch. So you can carry almost everything. 

Pros & Cons

● Lightweight● The handles can be a bit slippery to some people 
● Water and stain-resistant 
● A laptop compartment
● Leather on the bottom
● High-fashion and versatile


It’s one of the most stylish gym bags for women that we have come across. This bag will earn you the most attention in the locker room with its fashion and carry-all look. 

 Kuston Sports Gym Bag 

sports gym bag for women

The Kuston Sports Gym Bag is another popular fitness bag for women among customers and one that we believe is more than deserving of a spot on our list. You’ll have lots of storage options for every trip to the gym with a roomy main chamber, a side section for shoes, a 14 inches wet pocket, and an inner area for your personal belongings.

Features and Benefits

  • The oxford fabric makes the bag highly water and tear-resistant.
  • It offers waterproof zippers. So you do not have to worry about wet clothes and shoes. 
  • You can carry This bag pretty easily with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps.
  • The shoe compartment has a sound ventilation system. So you do not need to worry about the bad smell. 

Pros & Cons

● It comes with a separate shoe compartment● The material of the side pocket meat is not that good
● Available in different sizes
● It has a wet pouch
● Water-resistant
● Comfortable and detachable padded shoulder strap


Kuston Sports Gym Bag is affordable, stylish, and durable at the same time. It comes in ten different colors. You will never be disappointed by the features it offers. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gym Bag For Women

How to compare which one is good and which is bad? Don’t worry! Here we have noted down some important features that you need to consider before buying a gym bag for ladies that will go all the way with you.

Style And Comfort

We all know that style comes first for most women. But with that, you have to keep in mind the comfortability too. Gym bags usually come in three types – duffles, totes, and backpacks. 

Firstly, the duffel bag is the largest one with a lot of space and is suitable for travel. The tote bag is the one with shoulder straps but is quite large. And lastly, backpacks are best for minimalists who want something comfortable to carry.


You should choose your gym bag depending on how many products you have to carry. 

Women’s large gym bags are suitable for carrying a lot of stuff and also if you need to change outfits. Choose a small gym bag if you do not need to take things other than a water bottle, phone, headphones, keys, etc.

Storage Space

Always choose bags with enough space and compartments for your stuff like shoes, small things such as phones, keys, earphones, etc. Also, make sure there are enough compartments so that you can keep your dirty and clean stuff separate.

Materials And Durability

The most popular gym bags for women’s materials are polyester, nylon, and canvas. All of them are strong and durable, but polyester bags are the best because of their water and abrasion resistance. 


Budget plays a vital role in any kind of shopping. If you are spending your money on something, we suggest you spend it on the best product. So search for the equilibrium of the price-quality ratio.

Final Verdict

These gym bags for women mentioned above can make your gym time more enjoyable than ever. Our article showcases the best gym bags for women with a detailed review of these products. I will always recommend fixing your requirements, budget, and purpose first before shopping.

But choosing the right gym bag is always challenging. So, after reading this article, we hope you can pick up the best one for yourself that suits your gym requirement as a woman the most!

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