Best Gym Gloves for both Men and Women 2022

Gym gloves are essential gym accessories that you must have for any workout routine. From lifting weight to yoga, your hands can get sore from the constant gripping of barbells and balls, where gym gloves will assist you like your close friend! With so many different gloves in the market, it’s hard to decide what type of glove you need or which company delivers the best product. That’s why we’ve spent 48 hours researching the best gym gloves for both men & women and realized that Moreok features two different gloves both male and female can use. In this post, we will discuss the 2 best gloves gym manufactured by Moreok. Of course, they are super comfortable, stylish, & Protective.

About MOREOK Company

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MORE OK is a China Company that manufactures different types of gloves. The list of gloves they provide are:

Mens Bike Gloves

Gardening Gloves

Waterproof Winter Gloves

Kids Bike Gloves

Touch Screen Running Gloves

Ski Gloves

Silica Padded Cycling Gloves

5mm Liquid Gel Bike Gloves

1. MOREOK 3/4 Finger Gym Gloves For Men & Women -Black


SizeSmall, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
Sport TypeGym, Exercise, Workout, Fitness
Closure TypeHook & Loop
weight lifting gym gloves
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MOREOK designs gloves for performing a variety of exercises that come with the intense risk of injury.
They feature a sweatband and ergonomic wrist wraps, these workout gloves support extra protection so you can bring out the best on your workout.

The fabric is durable, combined with silicone grips that enable excellent grip support while doing tough workouts. You can take off and put back on the gloves easily, These workout gloves are mainly developed to last through hours of training without slipping or fatigue against the skin.

5 reasons to buy MOREOK Exercise Gloves

training exercise gloves
It fits Perfectly with anti slim Design
Multi-Functional gloves that can be used for weight lifting, yoga, CrossFit, etc.
Lightweight Breathable Fabric
High-quality double-sided Velcro
1-year warranty and lifetime customer service (30 days no-hassle return)





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So if you are looking for stylish gloves for the gym then I can recommend you to go for this product. In my research, I can confidently say this pair is totally affordable. You can buy a pair for yourself and one for your partner.

2. MOREOK Vantilated Workout Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support


SizeSmall, Medium, Large, X-Large
Sport TypeGym, Weightlifting, Yoga, etc
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Moreok Presents another excellent ventilated glove, perfect for various gym activities. Like the previous one, these breathable gloves are made of lycra spandex to deliver the optimal fit. The water-resistant feature ensures you can hold on tight while the reinforced fingers and thumb help keep your grip firm.

It’s not the end; with an integrated wrist wrap and anti-slip design, these gloves won’t go anywhere, even as you jog it out or play volleyball with them! Trust me.

5 reasons to buy MOREOK Gym Gloves

  1. Three Dimensional Comfortable Unisex fits perfectly & Silicon Printed Neoprene will not let you slip.
  2. You can use these multi-functional gloves for weight lifting, gym weights, rowing, and bike gloves.
  3. The lycra-made back part will help keep your hands dry and comfortable, and the terry cloth used in the thumb part will quickly remove your sweat during an intense workout.
  4. Double-sided velcro will protect your gloves from damage so that you can use these gloves for more than a decade.
  5. As said before, the Moreok company promised to give lifetime customer service and 12 monthly warranty with every product. They also offer one-month, no-hassle returns.
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Finally, I can say these gym gloves will be with you for many years. The design is good and the different materials used in other areas are friendly for your gym routine. Moreover, the gloves are not expensive. You can adjust easily with your hands. So what’s your thought on these gloves? Let me know in the comment box.

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