22 Best Gym Shorts Reviews For Men 2022 (From 3″ To 12″ Inseam)

As we live in a modern era, we can do different types of exercise in one place. Whether at home or in the gym. When you take your exercise seriously, the first thing you should consider is the shorts you wear at the gym or home gym. We sweat a lot, especially in the summer, during leg workouts. Good shorts will help you to move freely and wick-away moisture from your legs. Moreover, side pockets will help you to keep your essential accessories. A drawstring closure will assist you in adjusting the waist. Nowadays, most shorts feature UPF technology to save your skin from the harmful sun rays. In my last 45 days of the experiment, I have tried my best to bring the 22 best gym shorts for men keeping comfort, lightweight, durability, price, and technology they provide in mind.

Men do not shop like women. Women prioritize fashion, and men first prioritize comfort and durability. Men always prefer a quality product that must be comfortable, long-lasting, and then fashionable. We are the men, who sweat a lot during summer. So moisture-wicking shorts should be mandatory for a summer workout. In this article, I have discussed from 3 inches to 11-inch shorts separately. Suppose, if you need extended gym shorts, then you can jump into nine or 11-inch shorts quickly. You don’t need to read the whole article.

Best Gym Shorts for Men 3 inch

3 inch gym shorts for men

Baleaf Men’s 3” quick dry shorts

Baleaf brings a choice able and affordable 3-inch shorts for your workouts. It is stretchy and came from sweat-wicking fabric that helps you remain relaxed and comfortable. It has an internal drop-in tiny key pocket. These shorts are very supportive; you can freely move while wearing this lightweight breathable mesh liner. The company added a reflection logo for better visibility while on low-light

terry cotton gym shorts for men

Palglg Men’s Bodybuilding Terry Cotton Inseam with Pockets

If you have a fantastic bum, you must pay attention to Palglg men’s terry cotton shorts. As you know, terry cotton quickly absorbs sweat, so the shorts will make you cool and relax during workouts. These 3-inch shorts are mainly designed with a concise length of a total of 12 inches so you can make the best use of them by doing a squat, athletic, weight-lifting, etc. On the other hand, these shorts are very soft, durable, comfortable, and long-lasting because of their 95% terry cotton and only 5% medium-weight fabric. Meanwhile, the shorts will give your legs extra space on leg opening because of their side split designs. You can use these shorts as workout, booty, sleeping boxers, etc. If you are a US person, I advise you to buy one size up. There are seven nice colors, but I liked the gray one and three different sizes as well. Finally, these shorts are super sexy, and they will make your butt look amazing, so I recommend you to go on this product.

3 inch quick dry gym shorts for men

Pudolla Men’s quick dry workout Shorts

Pudolla efficient 3-inch men’s shorts provide a variety of colors. You can check their dark red or orange-red color among ten different colors. I prefer these two colors because they look different and appealing. Moreover, the short is a machine wash with elastic closure. There are 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane, Liner 87%, and Polyester 13%. The shorts are suitable for, swimming, jogging, gym, workout, and many other activities. The quick-dry ultra-light fabric will help you get rid of sweat fast to be calm and relaxed. There are two side pockets to store valuable accessories like phones, cards, keys, etc. Furthermore, the mesh brief lining arranges superior protection, and the removed seams on the inner leg help ease the risk of chafing.

3 inch workout shorts

JEEING GEAR 3″ Gym Workout Fitness Shorts

If you want to buy 3-inch inseam shorts, then you would repurchase them from Jeeing Gear. One of the best shorts for workouts, yoga, and beachwear. The shorts are small but very comfortable. Perfect for home gym and leg workout. These nice-looking shorts come with an elastic closure and good material so they won’t fade after wash. No matter whether you have long or short legs, It will fit fine. Your partner will love the way your legs look. I advise you to wear spandex-style underwear underneath if you want to go out wearing these shorts. The shorts is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

muscle alive gym shorts 3 inch

Muscle Alive 3″ Men’s Bodybuilding Shorts Inseam Cotton

Men with gorgeous glutes can buy muscle-alive men’s bodybuilding 3-inch shots. Despite very short shorts, it won’t be a problem if you have nice legs. The product consists of 95% cotton and 5% spandex but stretchy fabric. The shorts are thin and lightweight, so you can wear them while sleeping for better comfort. The company designs this product, especially for legs and squat workouts. You don’t have to pull the shorts while weight-lifting.

Best gym shorts for men 5 inch

Men's 5" Cross-Training Workout Gym Shorts

Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Men’s 5″ Gym Shorts

The Anthem athletics workout training shorts are best for general cross-training, lifting, and gym workouts. If you are American, you can confidently buy these shorts for weightlifting or any other gym workout. The company produces three different designs for different purposes. These stretch fabric shorts are mainly designed for a modern athletic fit. The shorts are also available in 7″ and 9″ inseams.
Hyperflex shorts: Hyperflex shorts will help you do general cross-training, lifting, or gym workouts. There is a pocket design explicitly to keep valuable things.
Evoflex Shorts: The Evoflex shorts are for intensive workouts and cross-training with a degree of comfort. The large and standard zippered back pocket will give you easy access to items.
ISOFLEX SHORTS: Isoflex shorts are like everything about the Hyperflex Shorts.
I recommend you buy these stylish, modern shorts at a reasonable price. Available in 7 different colors.

gym body building shorts

BROKIG ‘s 5″ Gym Bodybuilding Shorts

Brokig ‘s presents a lightweight elastic waistband short with pockets. These shorts are very comfortable with 92% polyester and 8% spandex. You can adjust the fit to your liking because the shorts come with an elastic waistband with an exterior drawcord. Moreover, it quickly absorbs dewetting. The woven side panels on both sides will help you to stay dry fit and wick away moisture. These sweat shorts are not heavy, so you can enjoy or do extreme workouts wearing them. The fantastic shorts feature two pockets on both sides and one on the backside for secure storage. Find these durable shorts in 4 different sizes and eight beautiful colors.

5-inch woven shorts for men

Under Armour Woven 5-inch Shorts For men

Under Armour presents stunning 5 inches woven 100% polyester gym shorts for men. The 4-way stretch construction will help you to move better in every direction. The best part that I like most is the company applied anti-odor technology in the shorts to prevent odor-causing microbes’ growth. Moreover, these shorts dry fast and wick sweat quickly. The shorts are ultralight with elastic closure, featuring mesh side panels for added ventilation. Available from small to XXX-large size and in nine different colors.


men's 2 in 1 short with phone pocket

Gafeng Men’s 2 in 1 Short with Phone Pocket

The good news for cotton lovers as Gafeng produces 90% cotton and 10% spandex elastic closure shorts for men. The shorts are soft and relaxed, made of breathable mesh material, and quick-dry fabric. These shorts offer specials such as multifunctional phone pockets, drawstring, and towel loops. The outer shorts measure a 3.5-inch inseam, and the inner shorts are 5 inches with a comfortable and durable waistband. You can keep your phone, keys, and wallet in two front pockets, and the one back zippered pocket will help you keep something extra. The drawstring is adjustable and designed with rubber protection. The price of these shorts is affordable, and you can have them in small to X-large sizes.
Colors: Army green, beige, black, camo, dark grey, grey, fluorescent orange.



Mens 5 inch  Short

ASICS ‘s 5 inches Short

Asics’s shorts are a great addition to any exercise. You will fall in love with its super light and soft fabric. Only one sizeable zipped pocket is placed on the backside to keep essential accessories. The shorts look nice, but I advise you to size up while buying Asics shorts. The shorts are 100% polyester with elastic closure. The reflective elements will enhance visibility during the low-light condition, and the inner-brief lining will make every movement super easy. You can buy these nice Asics shorts in five different sizes and three cool colors.



Best gym shorts for men 7 inch

best gym shorts for men 7 inch

MECH-ENG 2 in 1 workout shorts with pockets

Mech-eng shorts are a bit longer. They are almost 1 or 2 inches longer than any other shorts. The 2-in-1 mesh material built-in design fabric helps to dry quickly. The inner shorts fit fine to support the thigh muscle to prevent friction. These shorts offer elastic closure and are 99% polyester and 5% spandex. The fantastic elastic waistband and rubber protection drawstring design will help you prevent abrasion during washing. The inner pocket is not too big as the outer zipper pockets, so I advise you not to carry your valuables in inner shorts during exercise. The price of these shorts is affordable based on quality, and you can find these shorts in ten different colors and five different sizes.



Super Comfortable Men's Gym Athletic Shorts

1994Fashion Super Comfortable Men’s Gym Athletic Shorts

1994fashion men’s shorts will exceed your expectation, I guarantee. The fabric is excellent, and I love the navy blue color. You can try the black color as well. These shorts are lightweight and super comfortable with large zipper pockets on both sides. The shorts are 100% polyester, specially designed with mesh materials, and quick dry. The inner drawstring closure shorts feature an elastic waistband and are suitable for tumble drying, and hand and machine washing. You can use these shorts for gym workouts or any other outdoor activities. The price is reasonable, and you can buy one or a pair of shorts in 8 different colors.



best  shorts for  7 inch

C9 Champion’s workout Short 7″ Inseam

C9 Champion workout short features duo dry technology that helps to wick away sweat and generates all-day comfort. The breathable stretch fabric will help you to move quickly and make you relax all day long. I love their design because the company tried to make something different from the other brand. These shorts are lightweight and only support machine wash. There is 89% polyester and 11% spandex.
Moreover, the shorts provide elastic with drawstring and side pockets as well as a zip back pocket. The marbleized camo comfort gray is my favorite color among the six colors. You can find small to X-large sizes available. I think the price is perfect, exactly what you are hoping for. You can do yoga, gym, and yoga by wearing these shorts.



Men’s Woven Stretch Training Shorts

Amazon Essentials Men’s Woven Stretch Training Shorts

Workout in confidence with Amazon essentials quick-dry lightweight performance shorts. These cheap shorts are super moisture-wicking and have a reflective logo so that you can perform well under the light. The imported shorts are 90% polyester and 10% elastane combined. The quality of these shorts is excellent, offers a drawstring closure. These shorts are a loose fit for whole-day comfort as well as full-range motion. You can use them for the peloton, lifting, soccer, basketball rides, light yoga, or any other exercise. They fit fine on skinny legs. Pockets on both sides look perfect and not bulky. A zipper pocket in the backside makes the shorts a complete package. You can find X-small to XX-large sizes and three available colors. Machine wash only. Amazon essentials provide excellent customer service; they are always ready to listen to customers’ feedback.



luwell gym shorts for men

LUWELL PRO Men’s Active Gym Shorts for Workout, Training, Jogging

If you are a tall person and waist around 33 or 34, then you can try Luwell PRO Men’s active gym shorts. These shorts are 100 % polyester with elastic closure. The Lightweight and quick-dry breathable mesh fabric will help you to remain active all day long. You can wear it on every occasion such as gym, workout, sports, exercise training, cycling, hiking, squash, yoga, sauna jogging, boxing, jogger, etc. You would love the inside wide drawstring because it looks like a shoestring. A bright neon yellow looks good. Deep side pockets are available for storage. Only available in small size and seven different colors. Luwell Pro designs unique functionality products such as athletic pants. They use dying technology and the most delicate fabric to make comfortable shorts for you at the very lowest price.


Best gym shorts for 8 to 12 inch

meripex gym shorts men 8 inch

Meripex Apparel Men’s Freeballer 8″ Athletic Gym Performance

Meripex free ballers offer a full range of strength and comfort at the best length. These drawstring closure shorts are also available in a 6″ inseam. They designed these shorts with the highest grade compression liner to support you and provide you with ultimate comfort. You can wear these hybrid shorts for gym workouts or as casual shorts. Freeballer shorts are made from the best quality 4-way stretch fabrics, a premium blend of polyester and spandex was used. A Premium blend of polyester/spandex and 4-way stretch fabrics make these shorts one of the best six or 8-inch inseams on the market. Two front pockets and two zippered side pockets for more convenience. You can keep your phone, wallet, keys, and more. These shorts can be a great alternative to branded shorts like Birddog, lululemon, or Chubbies shorts. The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers. More than 30 colors and available in every size.

best 9 inch gym shorts for men

Lululemon Men’s 9-inch Pace Breaker Short

Lululemon made four-way stretch, lightweight, and sweat-wicking fabric shorts for men. These high-performance shorts feature a mesh fabric vent on the back lining with OOM (out of mind) constructions that perfectly fit like a short. The out-of-mind liner is built with mesh fabric that helps to dry fast and a built-in pouch to support you all day long. A large zippered pocket to keep your phone and other essential things. The Lululemon company designed an envelope pocket at the center back to make these shorts more versatile. These shorts are 86% Polyester and 14% Elastane. Small to XX-large sizes are available. Heather Allover Sea Salt Light Cast, black, white are the shorts colors.

lightweight 9 inch gym shorts

Reebok Men’s Lightweight Workout Gym 9-inch inseam

Reebok Men’s shorts are high-performance athletic shorts. They are breathable and super lightweight, and the quick-dry fabric makes these shorts an excellent pick for every physical activity type. 100% polyester/spandex and comes with drawstring closure. These versatile and affordable shorts will help you perform weightlifting, jogging, gym workout, sport, soccer, CrossFit, etc. The Reebok company used featherlight poly-spandex material to make these shorts durable and comfortable. They gave their full attention to making a quick-dry fabric so that these shorts wick away moisture from your skin. The placement of pockets is just perfect. I love the design and colors, mainly the Tigers Eye Court color.

under armour hotgear gym shorts for men

Under Armour Men’s Raid HeatGear fabric Gym Shorts 10-inch

Heatgear fabric works amazingly in hot or warm conditions. If you are looking for branded gym shorts, you can try these Under Armour for summer. The manufacturer mainly designs these shorts to keep you cool, fresh, and dry in any hot situation thanks to the breathable fabric that wicks away sweat and maintains body temperature. Another exciting feature they provide is UPF 30 which helps to block 29 out of 30 units of UV, meaning only 1 unit will pass through the skin. So, these shorts will save your skin from harmful sun rays.
Furthermore, anti-odor technology will protect you from the growth of odor-causing microbes. These shorts do not have a liner, only a 10-inch inseam with mesh hand pockets and an internal drawcord, an elastic waistband. Available in various colors and sizes.



best 11 inch gym shorts for men


Nike Brings super comfortable shorts for people who love long shorts. They are 11-inch inseam with 100% polyester, imported, and with elastic closure. These shorts offer Dri-Fit and sweat management technology that quickly moves sweat from your skin. The jacquard knit fabric creates impressive breathability. Like other shorts, they have an elastic waistband and an internal drawstring to stay secure. Two side pockets will help you to store essentials like a phone, keys, etc. These shorts can be worn as gym shorts or basketball shorts. So if you want long and loose shorts for your daily activities, you can try Nike Dri-fit shorts. They have a massive collection of colors and sizes.

best 12" gym shorts for men

Safort 12″ workout Shorts for Men with 2/4 Pockets

Let me introduce one of the cheapest but best quality shorts for you. If you love black and don’t want to invest too much, you can try Safort 12″ men’s shorts. These shorts are also available in 3″/5″/7″/8″ or 10″ inseam. They applied lightweight, fast dry fabric to wick away sweats. The internal mesh liner will help you to stabilize your private parts. Two side pockets are 8.66″ long and 6.7″ wide for better storage during gym workouts. The company provides comprehensive customer support. Always ready to listen to customers’ problems and try to give perfect solutions. They always upgrade with new styles and better fabrics. Just a reminder that they came in just black color, and when you buy, try one size up.

So that’s our 22 best gym shorts reviews for men. All the information were accurate and based on customers’ review, in this article. I have discussed both brand and nonbrand shorts. Hope you will like it and buy one or more pairs of shorts. Please share this post with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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