Best Microfiber Quick Dry Gym Towel Review [Updated 2022]

Are you a gym enthusiast and sweat a lot during high-intensity workouts? Then you just need a quick-dry microfiber gym towel. Why? Because quick-drying towels dry fast and quickly absorb moisture.

A good gym towel will protect you and your gym partners from germs and bacteria. If you don’t have a gym towel in your gym bag then it’s obvious that you are spreading germs and bacteria to you and others. On the other hand, the odor may be quite disturbing to others. So to make you and others healthy and happy you must carry a gym towel in your bag.

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ImageCompany NameColorsSize
compact gym towelBuild & FitnessBlack, blue, gray, navy, pink, purple30" x 50"
quick drying gym towelOlimpiaFitBlue, gray, navyAvailable in 3 size:
Small (15''x15'') is the perfect for gym.
gym towel with bagGERUSSky BlueAvailable in 3 size:
M Size is best for gym

When searching for the best Gym towel, most people go for something durable and soft. They also search for an absorbent towel, so you can wipe your sweaty brow more than once before the towel is soaked and rendered useless.

A towel that doesn’t take too long to dry and won’t create excess lint in the dryer is known as the best gym towel. Depending on your needs, the weight and size should be a great consideration as well.

Build & Fitness Super Absorbent Gym Towel

best microfiber gym towel

Build & Fitness Microfibre towels are lightweight, super-compact as well as perfect for your gym. It’s also best for travel, Swimming, Camping, Beach, Fitness, Yoga and Sports. It dry’s up to 10x faster than regular cotton towels and can hold up to 4x weight in water. Available in a large size that is 30” x 50″ but these towels pack is 5x smaller than a traditional cotton towel. This towel is almost similar to GTC Microfiber Gym Towel but carries more features.


best Large exercise towel

Reasons to Buy Build & Fitness Microfibre Gym Towel

  • Quick Dry and SUPER ABSORBENT: It is made of 100% MicroFiber, so it dry’s up to 10x faster than any other traditional cotton towel. These Anti-Bacterial towels hold up to 4x their weight in water.
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: It’s true that these towels pack 5x smaller than any other traditional cotton towel. They are available in large sizes
  • : 30” x 50”.
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: It’s true that these towels pack 5x smaller than any other traditional cotton towel. They are available in large sizes: 30” x 50”.

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: It’s true that these towels pack 5x smaller than any other traditional cotton towel. They are available in large sizes: 30” x 50”.

EXTREMELY CONVENIENT: Build & Fitness company provides free branded mesh carry bag and hanging loop for easy and convenient drying and packing.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: These towels are great for sports & outdoor activities; gym, traveling, camping, beach, and swimming pool.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: They provide 5-star customer care. If you have an issue with your product for any reason just contact their customer care.

Check the Price

quick drying gym towel
best compact gym towel
convenient workout towel
multi purpose gym towel
Build and Fitness Microfibre

Build & Fitness Microfibre towels Details:

Item Dimensions3.15 x 3.15 x 7.09 inches
Available ColorsGray, Black, Navy, Purple
Towels Size30" x 50"
Shipping Weight0.45 pounds

Package Includes:

  • 1 Large Microfiber Towel
  • Branded clip loop hanger
  • Carry bag

Note: I recommend you wash your towel before first use. Wash the towel separately for the first 2-3 times as the color may bleed. Do not bleach.

Our Thought

If you need more space in your gym bag or travel bag, then this Build & Fitness Microfiber Towel is the perfect solution. Their Premium Quality Microfiber Towels are perfect to take to the gym with their super compact size, and great for your travel bag, camping, and trips to the beach. You can take it anywhere with a free branded mesh carry bag as well as the hanging loop label that will make it easy and convenient to hang up, dry, and pack away. After my long 24 hours of research, I can say it is the best gym towel you can buy. Don’t be late to grab one


2. OlimpiaFit fast dry microfiber gym towel

microfiber gym towelOlimpiafit features 3 sizes for 3 different purposes. The small size ((15”x15”)) is the best for the gym because it will fit easily in your gym bag. The other two sizes are best for the beach, yoga, pilates, pool, camping, travel, swimming, and shower. This microfiber towel is made of high quality and both men & women can use this towel.

Reasons to buy Olimpiafit gym towel

  1. Super Absorbent and 100% antimicrobial: This OlimpiaFit towel is 100% antimicrobial. This towel can absorb its weight 3-4 times and dry 10 times faster than cotton or terrycloth. No need to wash so often. Drying is easy. Just put it under the sun for five minutes and say goodbye to wet.
  2. Super Carry & Easy: This towel will save your space, as it has an elastic band. Having an elastic band with a towel means you can fold or hang it easily. So packing becomes very easy and you can save a lot of space for your carrying bag. For me, this towel is ideal for sports and the gym.
  3. HYPOALLERGENIC: This towel is hypoallergenic and slips-resistant. That’s why this towel is perfect for the gym.
  4. Extra Soft: This gym towel is very soft & gentle for your skin, face, and body.
  5. 100% satisfaction: The company sets customer satisfaction as their top priority. They are confident enough that they are providing a 100% solid gym towel to you. So, if you are not happy with their towel for any reason, you can exchange it without any questions.

gym towel features

This towel is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide

Available in 4 beautiful colors: Blue, purple, gray, and blue

Dimensions: 3 different sizes. (51”x31”, 30”x15 and 15”x15”)

Final Thought:

OlimpiaFit microfiber gym towel is not very expensive. It is soft and smooth. This lightweight towel is easy to use and will stay longer. I love all the colors and if I had to buy one, I would buy a purple color.


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3. Gerus Microfiber towels for men & women

best gym towel for men & women

Gerus presents high-quality quick-dry microfiber gym towels at a very affordable price. The Gerus company started its business in 2018 and they are fully aware of customer satisfaction.

So what are they offering to the customers?

If a customer is not totally satisfied with the Gerus gym towel, he or she can replace the towel or refund his/her money. Moreover, they also replace damaged products.


compact gym towel

Reasons to buy Gerus gym towel:

  • Compact: This compact gym towel is perfect for carrying in a gym bag, keeping in a car, or traveling. It’s a space-saving towel.
  • Lightweight: The towel weight is only 0.77lb so you don’t have to worry about the towel weight.
  • Free carry bag: You will get a carry bag with a towel for free. The quality of the bag is superb and can be carried easily.
  • Button Hanging Loops: You can hang this Gerus towel on any hook because it has button hanging loops. The loop is situated in the middle of the towel, not in the corner, so you can hang the towel easily.
  • 3 different sizes: The 60”x30” XL size is best for beach and pool, Pilates and yoga. As you are searching for the best towel for gym or workout, you definitely try gurus M 28”x16” size towel. The mid-size towel is also good for camping and hiking. To dry your face and hands you can choose the 15”x15” Small size.
  • Dry quickly and absorb superbly: Microfiber material helps to dry 10x faster than cotton towels. The towels are made of soft microfiber material and they can manage 4 or 5 times their weight in water.

lightweight exercise towel
young girl running with towel
Final Thought:

So far so good, all the features are amazing. The design and color are excellent. The medium size of the towel is known as the best for fitness or gym and let me remind you again about its 100% lifetime.

So want to buy a gym towel? You should consider this Gerus towel as an option.

Click here to buy from Amazon


So, it is clear that a gym towel is a must-have product for a gym guy. You usually go to the gym and spend your valuable time on the goodness of your health. So if you do not carry a gym towel with you at the gym means a bad signal for you and others. Germs and bacteria will spread to people’s workouts at the gym.

So what to look for when buying a gym towel?

Microfiber, quick-dry, antibacterial and absorbent, are 4 things you should consider when buying a gym towel. The towels that I discussed above are quick-dry, microfiber, and antibacterial gym towels. They are clearly the 3 best gym towels on the market and you can buy any of them for your fitness.

So which one are you going to buy? Comment below. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share or comment.


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