6 Best Inexpensive Elliptical [Reviews & Buying guide]

best inexpensive elliptical

If you want to bring gym equipment at home for exercise, an elliptical will be one of the first choices. The multifunctional device is top-rated for both extreme and casual usage. They are also popular because of their versatile use like running in low impact, skiing, climbing, or other intensive workouts. So, if you want such an effective home workout, consider owning an elliptical. However, it would be challenging to buy one, especially when you have little to no knowledge about these machines. There are plenty of models that only cost $200 or less, but which ones will give you the best cardiovascular improvement? Take some time, look at our selection of the best inexpensive elliptical, and you’ll get to know the product specifications, features, description, and so much more!

Ellipticals – Are They Actually Worth It?

importance of elliptical machine

It’s very natural to be confused about a machine when you buy it. Experts recommend spending at least 30 minutes in a day on an elliptical. The training will improve your health while boosting your heart condition and endurance.

As the exercise is similar to riding a bike, it will also help you lose weight. Doctors suggest that heart patients do some low-impact exercises like walking outdoors or a cycle ride. But you can do it all at home by setting up the equipment at home.

Ellipticals can also help burn a considerable number of calories in a short amount of time. So, you can guess why it is so popular for commercial and home gyms.

However, you will find various models of ellipticals in the market with several different features. And the price is also relatively high. Therefore, sometimes people don’t even think to get one of those ellipticals as they are not affordable.

Probably, this is the worst thing about ellipticals. But that’s why we will show some of the best inexpensive ellipticals so that you can choose based on your budget.

1. Body Rider Elliptical & Bike (2 in 1) Cardio Trainer

Brand: Body RiderDual Exercise Modes
Color: Black & greyEasily stand or sit
Product Dimensions 48 x 28.5 x 59.5 inches; 66 PoundsAdjustable Resistance
Resistance Mechanism Computerized7 adjustable height settings and 4 integrated handlebars
Material MetalAdjustable cushion
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 250 Poundssmart, easy to use workout tracker
2-IN-1 TRAINERPerfect for beginners.

Product Description

The Body Rider Presents BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat is an excellent fitness machine for people looking to get a full-body workout without spending too much money. You can use this dual trainer as an elliptical or stationary bike, and it provides low-impact exercises that are perfect for beginners who may need breaks during their routine. You can adjust the seat so that you can feel like you’re biking at home or in your living room!

The BRD2000 gym equipment is what you need in your home. The sleek design provides a smooth stride with plenty of arm exercises to keep things interesting, and the digital display will let you know how far along you are at any given time! If your safety matters most for cardio workouts, then this two-in-one gym equipment has covered everything. The machine also comes with rear stabilizers for protection in mind! Give it a try today for your home.

Two-in-one fitness machineMay create noise but can be fixed.
Easily adjust the tension by turning the knob
Best for Beginners
Best Budget Elliptical
You can adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically

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2. Sunny Health & Fitness 8 Level Resistance Elliptical Machine

8 level resistance elliptical machine
Technical SpecificationsFeatures
Weight: 61 PoundsEight levels of magnetic resistance
Dimensions: 28 x 17x 57 inchesShows pulse in digital monitor
Weight Capacity: 220 PoundsFootpads and handlebars are anti-slip
Color: Black Includes onboard stabilizers
Doesn’t take much space in the gym

adjustable inexpensive elliptical machine

Product Description

Getting a Sunny healthy elliptical is a wise decision because it’s the best inexpensive elliptical trainer in the market for powerful resistance workouts. Having such powerful resistance, you can perform heavy training and burn calories. In addition, the digital monitor is convenient and shows your workout progress pretty accurately.

If you face problems with such powerful resistances, you can adjust your incline with a microcontroller. However, the design may be your most significant advantage because it can fit any small space like your garage. Therefore, you can buy this elliptical to do workouts more effectively at home.

Won’t get slippery because of anti-slip barsLow battery charge limits functionality
Smooth movementNoise Production
It fits in tiny spaces due to its compact size
Resistances are adjustable due to the microcontroller
Calculate several parameters like time, speed, calories, etcetera
Pulse sensors work great

3. Cubii Budget-friendly Under Desk Elliptical Machine for Home

best inexpensive under desk elliptical
Technical SpecificationsFeatures
Weight: 27.55 pounds Built-in LCD
Dimension: 23.15 × 17.56 × 10 inchesPortable & compact design
Weight capacity: 250 poundsTrackable stride pedals
Color: Aqua Adjustable resistance

best under desk elliptical for weight loss

Product Description

When looking for a small elliptical that can fit under your desk, the Cubii JR1 is precisely the right choice for you. Having the compact device under your desk or in front of your sofa makes your workout very easy to perform.

You can glide the strides pretty smoothly based on your hardness level. The resistances are of 8 levels. You can easily change your exercise with an adjustable peddler. So even when you are sitting on a chair or enjoying your tv shows, you can continue your workouts with this elliptical. The Cubii JR1 is so smooth that you won’t feel any distraction even if you are busy with any other work during your training.

Simple SetupNot suitable for extreme exercises
Safe to use
Smooth operation
Can fit anywhere due to its compact design
Can track workout progress
No distraction while exercising

4. ProForm Hybrid Trainer (30-day iFit trial membership)

best recumbent exercise bike
Technical SpecificationsFeatures
Weight: 33.06 poundsMagnetic resistance mechanism
Dimension: 70.5 × 24.5 × 60.5 inchesLCD screen for monitoring
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds16 digital resistance levels
Color: Black 2 in 1 exercise machine with elliptical and recumbent exercise bike
Oversized pedals with adjustable grip size
Grip sensors
Low impact exercise bike
Built-in sound system

best hybrid elliptical

Product Description

The hybrid function of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer makes it popular these days. It has an upgraded LCD that helps track your pedaling distance and burn calories. In addition, the intelligent interactive system will enhance your training session and provide you suggestions from expert trainers. Having such extra features will increase your comfort.

As it is best suited for low-impact exercises, most expert gym trainers will recommend this elliptical. The auto adjustable resistance system is another highlighted feature that makes the elliptical more famous among users. In addition, the weight capacity is more excellent than others, so you don’t have to worry about whether you are overweight or not.

Comfortable to use the adjustable pedalsNeed a significant amount of space to set up the machine
Can estimate heart rateYou may not like oversized strides
Can be used both as an elliptical or an exercise bike
Enjoy music during exercise
Training sessions will be interactive
Can connect with expert trainers
Doesn’t make much noise

5. SCHWINN 411 – Level Resistance – 16- Compact Elliptical

best compact elliptical under 500
Technical SpecificationsFeatures
Weight: 105.8 PoundsSturdy steel materials used in the build
Dimension: 70.1×28.1×63.1 Inches16 levels of resistance
Weight Capacity: 300 poundsThe stride length is 18 inches
Color: Black The digital LCD screen on the console
Built-in media system
Contains a bottle holder
Low impact exercise bike
Interactive connectivity with The World App

budget friendly compact elliptical

Product Description

The SCHWINN 411 elliptical is designed to be used in small spaces. So, you don’t need to worry about space problems. However, the extra-large strides are also helpful to keep you on track.

The digital display is pretty advanced with grip sensors, and it can act as a streamlined console. In addition, you can use The World App to make your session time more enjoyable and thrilling. The resistance levels are well distributed so that you can perform easy to intense training. And don’t forget about the music system specially made to keep you cheerful during training sessions.

Can connect your device via BlueToothSome people can get distracted while using the app
Comparatively larger stride lengthNo non-slip strides
Digital display tracks every improvement
Resistance levels are adjustable
Built-in speakers to enjoy music
Can perform low impact cardio exercises
Space-saving design
Heart sensors in the handlebars

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Compact and Inexpensive Elliptical

Technical SpecificationsFeatures
Weight: Around 30 poundsNo jarring impacts
Dimension: 15 × 19 × 61.5 inchesNon-slip pedals
Weight Capacity: 220 poundsStride length of 45 inches
Color: Gray Foldable design
Multifunctional digital monitor
Adjustable ab cushions
Aerobic training
Ultra-efficient stride and glide

Product Description

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 is beneficial if you are looking for a budget-friendly elliptical with tons of features. You can perform stretching, running, or aerobic dancing with the help of this elliptical. The larger strides are responsible for providing you such workouts.

As the whole machine is foldable, you can carry it anywhere or keep it in the corner of your house at the end of your training. It also helps you to improve your cardiorespiratory system. The digital monitor is handy to keep track of your exercise by displaying time, calories, walking distance, etcetera.

Extended stride gives you efficiency during exerciseNo pulse monitor
No worries about storageVariable resistance level is absent
Foldable design requires small space No wheels to transport elliptical
The abdominal cushion increases your comfort
The digital monitor will calculate burned calories
Pedals are non-slip and easy to use

Things to Consider Before You Buy An Elliptical

Not all ellipticals are made equal. Some features stand out from the rest and make any elliptical a worthy choice. So, before you get one, check out all these facts, especially when buying one of the best budget models.

Length of The Stride

First of all, be sure to consider the length of the stride. Most of the time, people guess the length is wrong and get in trouble while setting up the elliptical at home. Therefore, you should measure your set up place and then get the machine according to it.


Not only the length of stride but also the dimensions of the machine matters while buying it. You have to ensure that there is enough space in your home gym, including a high ceiling, to have no trouble during the operation (or we should say during your exercise period).

Variable Resistance and Incline

Variable resistance is the key feature of an elliptical machine. That is because variable resistance makes it easy to do the pedaling. You can even perk it up to 75 percent or higher. In addition, an adjustable incline makes the job smoother for you to raise or drop the amount of resistance.

Comfort & Ease of Use

Not all budget-friendly ellipticals are comfortable to use because they have to cut the production cost somewhere. So, you should check whether it is comfortable for you before you buy it. Otherwise, your money will be wasted.

There is no benefit of getting a machine if you don’t feel at ease with it while using it. Hence, use some trials before getting the elliptical at your home.


As a mechanical machine, there will be a higher risk for children from moving parts of the elliptical. For example, they could get trapped or get hurt on their hands or legs if they try to work out on the machine. Therefore, try to get an elliptical that completely shuts down when you are not actively using it.

Weight Limit

We have already mentioned cost-cutting low-budget ellipticals. In cheap ellipticals, there will be weight limits. So, check your weight and buy that one that can handle your body mass.

Console Features

Nowadays, there are many types of ellipticals with various features. For example, some ellipticals can calculate your heart rate and your pedal speed. It can also say how many calories you have burned. So get a model that has at least the bare minimum of such features.


Excessive mechanical noise during a workout is a sign of using inferior build materials and weak structural design in an elliptical. Therefore, it would be better not to buy such equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use an elliptical to lose weight?

Yes, you can use an elliptical to lose weight. Exercising in an elliptical will burn a massive number of calories and body fat.

Is it okay to use the elliptical daily?

The answer is positive. Regular exercise in an elliptical will build up your muscle and improve cardiac conditions.

What is the best time to use the elliptical?

Most people use exercise equipment when they are feeling unfit. But it’s best to use an elliptical before walking in the afternoon or sleeping at night.

How long can I use the elliptical as a beginner?

If you are a beginner using the elliptical, you should take it slow at first and gradually increase the exercise time. But a 15 to 20-minute session per day is enough for a beginner.

Is the elliptical better than a treadmill?

The answer is based on your training sessions. If you prefer low-impact workouts, get an elliptical. On the other hand, the treadmill is more suited for intense training in racing and sports.

Bottom Line

As our review is ending here, it should be clear to you which one is the best inexpensive elliptical among all the others present in the market. Stay fit and exercise regularly. We hope you can find a suitable elliptical for your home gym!

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