10 best treadmill mats for noise reduction, vibration, and protecting the floor [Updated-2022]

You often find a thick mat under a treadmill in a gym or other place. So, to many of you, a question comes about the essence of this mat. It is quite an obligatory mate of a treadmill. A good quality treadmill mat can save you from many irritating experiences like noise, vibration, or floor protection. The noise that comes from the treadmill is annoying. In this post, I will discuss the ten best treadmill mats for noise reduction and vibration.

A noise reduction treadmill mat helps to reduce dull noise. When you place the mat on the floor, it absorbs some of the sounds generated by the treadmill. In this way, you are able to hear your surroundings and concentrate on your workout more easily. Additionally, if you wear headphones while exercising, a noise reduction treadmill mat will keep those annoying sounds away from your ears.

When you run on a treadmill, your feet and legs move at a much slower speed than when you run on the ground. It is estimated that a treadmill can have as little as 1/4 of the speed of running on the ground. As a result, the machine produces a greater amount of noise.  

Before checking out the best mats for your treadmill, it is better to learn about the essence of this thing. It may reduce your confusion about the necessity of a mat.

Importance of Noise Reduction Treadmill Mat.

Do you ever notice that most gyms keep a thick foamy mat to cover the floor? Yes, they do it for various reasons. And for those same reasons, you need a mat under a treadmill. Let’s see how it helps.

Noise reduction:

On a treadmill, people commonly run or walk wearing gym shoes or sneakers. As much as they keep the speed level high, they have to run faster. And the quicker they run, the more complex and faster they have to step and hit the treadmill’s deck. So, it is evident that the noise will be produced. Here, only a good quality mat can rescue you from this noise.

Vibration reduction:

In the process of producing noise, your treadmill will be the cause of irritating vibration. With the faster movement of your body, the treadmill itself will vibrate. So, the floor must be infected by vibration. In this case, a thick and standard anti-vibration floor mat is the best solution.

Protect Floor:

For both the treadmill and the floor on which it is set, a mat works as great protection and reduces the possibility of damage. Often wood floor gets dumped and damaged by a heavy machine. Aging, tiles, and other kinds of floors get scratched for those things. So, a mat can be a good solution for them.

Which type of treadmill mat is the most effective at reducing noise?

A few things to consider when choosing a treadmill mat will reduce noise levels while you work out. Selecting a noise-free treadmill mat depends on your specific needs and preferences.

You should consider your treadmill’s flooring when shopping for a treadmill mat that helps to reduce noise. Some mats are designed specifically for carpeted floors, while others are more versatile and can be used on a variety of flooring types.

Additionally, it is important to consider the mat’s size. Many mats are available in both small and large sizes, so be confident to find one that will fit comfortably on your treadmill belt. Last but not least, be sure to read reviews before making a purchase so you know what others think is the best noise reduction treadmill mat.

10 best treadmill mats for noise reduction:

To get the above advantages you must keep a mat under the treadmill you use for your fitness. Now let’s check the below description of six mats so that it will be very easy for you to choose the best treadmill mat for noise reduction.

1. TRANR Black Noise Reduction Equipment Mats 40″ x 96″ 6.4mm

noise reduction equipment mat
Picture from Amazon


ColorSolid Black
Special FeatureDurable
Item Dimensions LxWxH96 x 40 x 0.25 inches

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The company TRANR makes noise reduction equipment mats. Recycling tires make these mats eco-friendly. The rubber used in these mats is the same high-impact professional-grade rubber used in car tires. In addition to being made in the United States, these mats are of high quality.

These solid black rubber mats are impact-resistant, shock-absorbing commercial-grade rubber mats. As well as protecting your machine from dust and other debris, they also reduce noise. Moreover, these mats are made of durable rubber that resists wear and tear.

Really nice mat, Pro Impact vs. StaminaGood Quality but Expensive
Perfect Size for exercise equipment
Rubber mat of excellent quality
It's quiet, it's smell less

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2. Tonint Noise Reducing Treadmill Mat – Best For Hardwood Floors

tonint multi purpose exercise mat


DimensionsThere are four sizes to choose from
Small: 47.3" x 23.6"
Medium: 70.8" x 29.5"
Large: Large - 74.8" x 33.5"
X Large: 84" x 37.5"
Product Care InstructionsWater Soap

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Tonint treadmill mat is suitable for a wide range of fitness equipment, including treadmills, spinning bikes, ellipticals, exercise bikes, supine boards, rowing machines, etc., to protect the floor and reduce noise.

You won’t have to worry about your neighbors and family being disturbed when you’re exercising on cardio equipment because the dense mats absorb vibrations, noise, and impacts.

This mat is 100% waterproof. Water drops or sweat won’t damage carpets or wood floors. It’s also easy to clean. Dropping dumbbells won’t damage the heavy-duty mat
Reduces noiseThere's a thinness and a smaller size than it says
Water and oil-proof PVC material
Simple to use and easy to clean

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3. YFGHFHG Non-Slip Noise Reduction Treadmill Mat

Treadmill Mat Noise Reduction
Image From Amazon


Sizeabout 175 × 80 × 1 cm / 68.9 × 31.5 × 3.93 in
about 200 × 100 × 0.7 cm / 78.74 × 39.37 × 0.27 in
Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash

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You cannot go wrong with the YFGHFHG Non-Slip Reducing Noise Treadmill Mat if you are looking for an extremely sturdy and durable treadmill mat. Designed with a premium material that resists wear and has anti-vibration properties to reduce noise, this mat is made with a premium material that is resistant to wear. In addition to exercising, working out, and playing around on your computer, this mat can be used for many other things.

Whether you are searching for a high-quality treadmill mat that will last for years to come or simply want to eliminate any annoying noise while working out, the YFGHFHG Non-Slip Anti-Noise Treadmill Mat is an excellent choice.

In order to prevent excessive wear and tear, make sure that dust from the floor and carpet does not enter the belts or mechanical parts of exercise equipment.

Ultra-Sturdy and Durable
Premium Material
Anti-Vibration - Noise Reduction
Multi-purpose Exercise Equipment Mat
Resistant to Wear

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4. RevTime Anti-Vibration 6.5’x3′ Rubber Mats

revtime noise reducing rubber mat
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Revtime 3mm treadmill mat suits fine in most treadmill mats or any other fitness equipment like rowing machines or exercise bikes. This mat is more durable than the foamed mat because the Revtime company applied heavy-duty SBR and EPDM rubber. Furthermore, the anti-vibration mat will protect your floor or valuable gym equipment from damage. You can use this mat as a carpet, hardwood, etc. This noise reduction and shock absorption treadmill mat are available in 6’x8′, 6’x6′, and 6’x4′. Thickness in 3mm and 5mm are available. 

Dimensions:3’x6.5′,3mm thick (36″x78″x1/8″).


Item Weight12 Pounds

Revtime anti-vibration treadmill features:

  1. absorbs vibration, shock absorption, noise reduction treadmill mat
  2. Heavy-duty durable SBR and EPDM rubber
  3. Suitable for every gym equipment
  4. No installation
  5. Easy cleaning, just wipe off
  6. odorless, non-toxic
  7. Require no special care, easy maintenance

5. ProSource Treadmill & Exercise Equipment Mat

prosource noise reduction mat

Folding (7’L x 3’W x ¼”T) & Regular (6.5’L x 3’W x 5/32”T) Designs, High Density PVC Floor Protector.

Lastly, I should recommend this one to you. ProSource Treadmill & Exercise Equipment Mat is an outstanding noise and vibration absorbing mat with a long-lasting approach. This mat is purposefully made for home gyms, basements, and fitness studios. Let’s have a look at the features of this mat.

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ProSource Treadmill & Exercise Equipment Mat features:

  1. Two different sizes of 6.6′ and 7′ in length.
  2. 3′ width for both versions.
  3. Double design protection.
  4. Non-skid texture.
  5. Easy to clean.
  6. Composed with high impact, strong, slip-resistant PVC.
  7. Durable and long-lasting.
  8. Good to hold weight racks, weight lifting benches, dumbbells, and kettlebells.
  9. It can be used as a yoga mat.
  10. Foldable and affordable.

treadmill exercise equipment mat

ProSource Treadmill & Exercise Equipment Mat is composed of a handful of unique features. Compared to other mats for noise and vibration reduction, it is cheap. Also, it is portable and robust. So, I recommend it for all of its essential qualities.



6. GymCope High-Density Extra Large Treadmill mat

2high density exercise mat

Read carefully that this mat may have a smell that will fade over time. All you have to do is to roll it out and keep it in a cool, ventilated place for 2-5 days before starting use.

One thing is for sure you will never be the talking point of your small apartment again, thanks to GymCope Treadmill Mat! The extra cushioning on this mat will reduce noise and nicely absorb shock and vibration from machinery. Your exercise will be more enjoyable without feeling guilty about bothering your family members or neighbors. From squealing tires to heavy footsteps, for me, no machine stands a chance against these unparalleled treadmills mats.

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GymCope Treadmill Mat is an extra-large 183×91.5 cm (72×36 in) mat, so no matter what type of exercise equipment you own at home, this mat will protect your floor. Furthermore, the high-density foam provides outstanding stability for exercise equipment– including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, and more!.
The non-slip and added strength creates excellent traction to prevent exercise machines from moving around on the ground. The mat is easy to wash with its dual-sided grippe texture material.

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7. Wonder Mat Extra Thick Black Treadmill Waterproof Mat.

If you are looking for a mat for your wood floor, you can look at it. This mat is specially made for the wood floor to reduce the noise and save the floor from getting scratched. It is purposefully customized in such a way that a treadmill of any size can suit it well.

lightweight wonder treadmill mat

durable treadmill mat

Features of Wonder Mat Extra Thick Black Treadmill Waterproof Mat:

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  1. Taiwanese product.
  2. It will last up to 10 years.
  3. Made with non-toxic, lightweight, durable, lead-free, and high-density EVA.
  4. A set of 21 pieces of 1 ft by 1 ft black mat.
  5. 83 in x 36 in an adjustable size.
  6. Waterproof.
  7. Easy to clean.
  8. Thickness is ~9/16in.
  9. Undergo a number of tests.

long lasting treadmill mat

no noise treadmill mat

To reduce noise and vibration, the thickness of this mat possesses is enough. Besides, it is water waterproof and durable. Also, it is affordable and available to get. I think it won’t be a cause of your dissatisfaction.



8. 78-inch Indoor Gym Rectangle Equipment Mat

noise reduction treadmill mat

Meet another stunning mat, Indoor Gym Rectangle Equipment Mat. It is mainly made for indoor gym use and heavy exercise. It can be a good suit for a treadmill of any size. Now, let’s check what it will offer.
78-inch Indoor Gym Rectangle Equipment Mat Protects Floor, Heavy Exercise Sweat. Perfect for Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Rowers, Weights Stationary Bike. You can do the cardio workout without vibration and Noise. Grey Color.

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Indoor Gym Rectangle Equipment Mat features:

  1. 78 inches high x 36 inches wide inches dimension.
  2. Made from durable blown PVC.
  3. Long-lasting service.
    Also good for other gym machines like a weight bench.
  4. Grey in color.
    Very good to reduce noise and vibration.
  5. 0.25 inches thick.

This fantastic mat, I think, can be a good choice. It is cheap, very durable, and nice to look at. Also, it is soft and good at absorbing sound and vibration. So, it should be recommended with appreciation.


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9. Humane SHOK-LOK Noise and Vibration Reducing Mat

noise and vibration reducing mat

One of the best anti-shock rubber deadlift cardio equipment mats with solid black color
Have a look at another tremendous noise-absorbing mat that is good for the treadmill and the deadlifts. Humane Shok-Lok mat possesses outstanding features essential for both a gym and a home gym or any fitness floor. Let’s check out the features of this fantastic mat.

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Features of Humane Shok-Lok mat:

  1. 4′ x 8′ feet in dimension.
  2. 3/4 inches thick mat.
    Includes the Shok-Lok system.
  3. Designed with a special waffle design on its underside.
    Made in the USA.
  4. 4′ x 4′ sized two interconnected mat set.
    Includes the Traction control system.
  5. Made with durable rubber.
    100% recyclable.

quiet treadmill mat

I think, if you are looking for a big size mat to cover up a more significant part of your fitness room or home gym, This mat is good. It is durable and outstanding in features and quality. Now, think about it again before bidding goodbye to it.


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10. Noise-free Onestops8 Maxx-Tuff Floor Protection Mats  reduction

noise free treadmill mat

1/2″ Thick Rubber Matting (48″x72″)

Maxx-Tuff mat is a unique and durable mat for your fitness room and home gym. It has enough thickness to absorb the noise of the treadmill motor and the vibration. Often it is considered one of the best treadmill mats for noise reduction. You can have a look at the below features it possesses.

unique and durable treadmill mat

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Features of Maxx-Tuff mat:

  1. 48″ x 72″ in dimension.
  2. Anti-slip honeycomb design surface.
  3. 1/2″ thick.
  4. It contains resistance to endure the abrasive conditions of any machinery.
  5. The underside has the diamond pattern sub-surface.
  6. Made of recycling materials and SBR.
  7. Good for every kind of floor.
  8. Highly durable and long-lasting.
  9. It provides high-impact protection from heavy machinery or weights.

This thick mat is well known for being great at absorbing the noise and vibration that the machinery creates. Furthermore, it will last for a long period of time if you use it properly. So, I think, it can also be a good option for you.





After researching for a more extended time, I got these ten mats as the best treadmill mats for noise reduction. All of them are durable, thick, and more or less affordable. Besides, using multiple types of machinery is also possible for all of these six mats. I think you have already been aware of the necessity of having a carpet below your treadmill or other likely machinery. So, I hope this article will make it easy to find out the best one for you quickly. Again, if you have any questions, please let us know. Hopefully, we will try to answer you soon.

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