5 Best Pilates reformers that are Effective and Affordable 2022

Gyms are closed in this pandemic, but our fitness goals aren’t. And if your aim includes improving flexibility, building lean muscle, and toning your core, Pilates might be the ideal exercise for you. You could roll out a mat and stream some videos to get started. But if you’re at an advanced level who was introduced to a reformer and miss the studio session, you might want to get that beautiful machine for your home. And that’s why we are reviewing some of the best Pilates reformers for home use to give you that studio-like feeling.

Carrie Minter, a famous certified instructor and creator of Los Angeles, one of the best Pilates studios “Carrie’s Pilates Plus” said that

“The Pilates reformer engages your whole body. The cables and strings on the machine commute the pressure, so you get a better workout than on your traditional mat sessions.”


Merrithew Adjustable Pilates reformerMerrithew Adjustable Pilates reformer

Brand: Merrithew
Technology: Whisper-smooth Glide Technology
Material: Aluminum
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 96.5 x 26 x 10 inches
Item Weight: 115 Pounds

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Pilates Power Gym ‘Pro’ 3-Elevation Mini ReformerPilates Power Gym ‘Pro’ 3-Elevation Mini Reformer

Brand: Pilates Power Gym Store
Dimensions: 16″ wide 53″ long
Highest weight: 300 pounds
Frame: Steel
settings: 48 resistance 

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Pilates Equipment Fitness FoldablePilates Equipment Fitness Foldable

Brand: Pilates Equipment Fitness
Material: Metal
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 96 x 22 x 6 inches
Folded Dimensions: L 138 x W 66 x H 30.

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5 best pilates reformers for home

However, a Pilates reformer can be quite expensive for some, and you do have other alternative options available. So I have made this review of the Pilates reformer machine to guide you to find a suitable workout machine based on your needs.

Here are our experts choose the five best machines through practical use.

1. FITIS Adjustable & Portable Pilates Reformer for Home

Load-bearing capacity 220lb
Made of high-end birch wood
5 Resistance Levels
45-minute step-by-step workout video
23.6″ x 19.7″ incline board
Color: Black/Pink/Wood
Budget-Friendly Reformer for home
Ideal for beginners and Pilates reformer veterans
comes with 5 latex workout bands of
The great load-bearing capacity of 220lb.
built-in transport wheels and carry bag
Ideal for small space

This product by FITIS is a space-saving Pilates workout gear suitable for any compact home or apartment. You can easily fit this equipment in a cramped corner. You can even move it around your apartment due to its built-in wheels facility. On a chilly day, you can take it out in your veranda and soak up in the sun while working out, or you can exercise indoors on a rainy or windy day.

A beautiful carry bag comes with this reformer to store your workout gear. You can take it in your gym bag after the conclusion of the lockdown.

Again this Pilates Reformer is equipped with one incline board, two hand grips, five resistance bands, two ankle straps, and a door anchor. In this budget, you are getting one of the best alternative gym equipment for your home gym.

The heavy-duty incline board makes the whole Pilates equipment a sturdy weight loss machine. The board is 23.6 inches x 19.7 inches and built out of high-end birch wood, making this stretching equipment waterproof, extra-durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. If you are afraid that the machine won’t hold your weight or you will somehow slip, then don’t be. Unlike similarly priced reformer boards in the market, this adjustable board can hold up to 220lb of weight, and it comes with a non-slip silicone coating.

This mini gear is ideal for beginners and mat veterans with the FITIS 45 minutes step by step Pilates reformer machine exercises designed by a certified instructor. This easy follow-along video comes with precise instructions and modifications for newcomers.

You will get five difficulty levels suitable for both beginner and advanced workout maniacs. The max resilience level, however, is 150lb. The reformer has five latex workout bands starting from 10lbs, p to 50lbs resistance levels. They are in different colors and numbers for easy navigation.

Small enough to fit into any cramped place.None so far.
Equipped with exquisite accessories 
Wheels for transfer facility. 
Stocked with a detailed workout video and carry bag. 

2. Merrithew Adjustable Pilates reformer for home

Whisper-smooth Glide Technology
Product Care Instructions
Hand Wash Only
Item Dimensions LxWxH
96.5 x 26 x 10 inches
Item Weight
115 Pounds
Key Features
The Company values your satisfaction, they provide 90 days return option
Best Pilates reformer for core strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance
The Product comes with 4 full-tension and 1 half-tension reformer springs
4 position adjustable foot bar and extra-thick foam cushioning
6 carriage-stopping positions for different heights
Offers a whisper smooth and efficient sliding technology
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Another great home workout machine is the SPX Reformer Bundle by Merrithew. Merrithew Corporation is one of the leading pilates workout equipment producers. For 33 years, they have been manufacturing and developing different Pilates workout gear. SPX home reformer bundle is one of the most superior quality products made by them.

In this equipment, you will get two types of resistance. The reformer includes four full-tension and one half-tension spring for the resilience variant. Merrithew uniquely built this state-of-the-art amplified spring technique to endure strenuous use, reduce noise, allow for polished spring augmentation, and layout a handy grip for switching springs.

This Pilates machine offers a hoisted padded surface both for sitting or standing workouts on the reformer. This sitting platform is great for those who have hip flexion issues and cannot hold a conventional seated posture. The high solidity, high resilience, and premium quality UVA foam on the carriage provide first-rate tactile feedback during a workout session. The bars are also cushioned with extra-thick foam. So you won’t feel extra comfort and minimum pressure on your hands and feet. The Foot-bar offers you four different kinds of settings and one additional feature to move the foot-bar underneath the platform. This way, you can keep it out of the way whenever necessary.

You will get an extra yoga block and resistant band with this product. A Reformer Box will add extra height and different movement quality even if you are seated or lying on the reformer. These yoga blocks are a fine accessory for people with tight hip flexors. They also work as a prop for kneeling workouts for people with knee injuries. The Metal Roll-Up Pole is mainly used to increase focus on toning while doing exercises on the reformer.

With a product dimension of 2 by 97 inches and carriage of 22 x 38. 5 inches, this reformer offers a whisper smooth and efficient sliding technology with a licensed rolling system for the finest carriage ride at hand. You can exchange the product within 90 days if you face any problems.

Super smooth carriage sliding system.Tricky to assemble
Well padded equipment 
Add on workout DVD, yoga bloc, and a resistance band 
Durable and budget-friendly 

3. Pilates Power Gym ‘Pro’ 3-Elevation Mini Reformer

Brand: Pilates Power Gym Store
Dimensions: 16″ wide 53″ long
holds up to 300 pounds
Frame: Steel
3 incline levels
4 power cords
48 resistance settings
built-in wheels
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Key Features
Perfect for both men & women
No Assembly Needed
Beginners best friend, best for tone & cardio
Compact and portable, very comfortable to use
Built-in wheels will help you for easy movement
Best for the whole family, seniors specially for the athletes
Comes with one of the best celebraty fitness trainer Kristin McGee’s most popular Pilates workout DVDs
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mini piliates reformer for home

The one problem you will face in the Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle, you won’t face it here. The Pilates reformer machine is fully incorporated, so no assembly is required. With the size to fit into an apartment, the wheels to transport this one are the supreme Pilates mini reformer.
This Pilates Power Gym substitutes roughly 17 workout gear by providing Pilates and Strength training in one piece of equipment. This earnest Pilates workout machine is built with a strong carbon steel frame that can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. People over 6.4 inches can use it without feeling jittery. It’s excellent equipment that can be used by all three genders and any age group.
Even seniors, athletes, people needing physical therapy can perform exercises in it.

It has two beautifully cushioned handles, comfortable foot straps, and adjustable resistance cords that offer you to adjust the reformer to your current fitness level in a matter of minutes. The reformer provides three upgrades and four power cords that give you 48 resistance settings. Additionally, the feature of quick-change height ensures potentiality for pro-caliber strength training.

Whether you’re an absolute newbie or a fitness pro, this machine is the right one for you. This reformer makes sure you engage the right parts of your body with the perfect amount of resistance. Which in turn tones and tightens your abs, calves, hips, thighs, shoulders, arms, and back with its long, comfortable range of motions? Plus, you can earn them in no time. It includes three complete workout step-by-step guideline DVDs of celebrity fitness trainer Kristin McGee. The first one comprises Pilates for beginners, then the second one- Tone & Lengthen and the last- cardio blast for the whole body engagement.

Pros & Cons

Full body engagementProne to rusting.
Smooth sliding action. 
Any age group can use it 
DVD with full instruction. 
Can be transferred 

4. Vintage Pilates Reformer for home Gyms

Brand: PilatesEquipment.Fitness
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 94.19 x 27.17 x 13.78 inches
Made of Beech Wood
Padded headrest provides 3 positions: 2 above carriage and 1 level with the carriage.
user’s manual for assembly.
Made in Europe
Key Features
The reformer is perfect for home gym or studios
Super durable and Incredibly adaptable
8 vertical and horizontal PU wheels.
adjustable and removable shoulder rests
The machine offers the model stability. So you won’t slip and fall in any circumstance
The reformer offers a noiseless and swift bed sliding apparatus
The company provides robustness and protection from rust or decay.
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best vintage reformer for home

This one is one of the most well-known Pilates workout machines with a hint of a classic touch made by well-known fitness brand PilatesEquipment.Fitness. The product is suitable for both studios and home gyms. It became famous for its good adaptability and durability. Plus, the extraordinary versatility to hold up a range of body weights, heights, and abilities makes it your ideal go-to workout machine.

The reformer is constructed with Superior European technique for the highest safety and longevity. It also offers the model stability. So you won’t slip and fall in any circumstance. The whole reformer body is made out of resilient beech wood- one of the strongest wood boards and furnished with a premium coating of flat varnish. The company provides robustness and protection from rust or decay. The upper surface is constructed out of synthetic leather, and the whole upholstery is well-cushioned. The padded equipment gives you the highest amount of comfort, especially if you are a beginner or injured person doing exercises in kneeling positions.

This Pilates equipment offers a noiseless and swift bed sliding apparatus. It is thanks to its unique system of 4 vertical and four horizontal PU wheels. You will also get a pair of double loops for both hands and feet, one pair of padded handles, a silent precision gait, adjustable and removable shoulder rests, and a couple of quick-release. The cushioned headrest provides three types of positions while working out; 2 above and 1 level with the carriage for variation.

The pulled ropes are adjustable, and the snap comes with it too. There are a few holes in the carriage. They allow you to place the extra string under the reformer to get optimum comfort. You will get five springs with it. Depending on your fitness level, you can mix and match; 1 black very hard level string, one red hard level string, one green which indicates medium, one blue for easy level, and the last one is yellow (very light).

This 35x 240×69 cm product has a pair of pulleys. They are firmly attached to the risers that allow you to work out in different positions. The product Includes a jump board and a box for workout variation. You will get the assemble manual with it too.

Pros & Cons

Very smooth and noise-free movement.Hard to move.
Easily adjustable springs and foot bar. 
Everything is well cushioned for comfort. 
Easy to assemble. 

5. PilatesEquipment.Fitness Foldable metal Pilates Reformer

Brand: PilatesEquipment.Fitness
Made from Metal
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 96 x 22 x 6 inches
Folded Dimensions: L 138 x W 66 x H 30.
8 vertical and horizontal PU wheels
Includes the jump board and box
Key Features
The Reformer is foldable and is constructed out of strong metal
suitable for both the studios and homes
marvelous adaptability and durability.
accommodate different body weights, heights, and abilities.
The reformer offers superior balance and resistance
Premium horizontal PU wheels
The headrest offers you three types of positions while working out
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best Pilates reformer folding

Another great product by PilatesEquipment.Fitness. This Pilates Reformer is foldable and is constructed out of strong metal. It is compact enough to fit into any small space. So is to say it is suitable for both the studios and homes with a tight hole. The reformer folded measures about 54 in x 26 in x 12 inches in dimension, and when folded, the length becomes 51 inches. So you see, you can even store it somewhere after your workout session.
The machine is one of the most recognized Pilates workout machines out there. It is because of its marvelous adaptability and durability. Like our previous contestant, our foldable reformer can also accommodate different body weights, heights, and abilities.
Like all other products of PilatsEquipment, they have used Superior European construction techniques for optimum protection and durability. This product offers superior balance and resistance. Best for beginners who worry so much about their posture and stability.
You will get a jump board and box with this reformer. Thanks to the premium horizontal PU wheels, you will enjoy an inaudible and soft carriage sliding movement. Trust me when I say that the constant noise can be annoying. And if you feel the same way, then here it is, the best option for you.
PilatesEquipment.FitnessSilent made sure to provide all its latest products a pair of double loops, precision bearings, one pair of foam handles, a padded headrest, and a pair of shoulder rests. The headrest offers you three types of positions while working out: 1 in line with the carriage and two above the carriage. Additionally, you will get adjustable strings, snap, and five springs, each with different difficulty levels. And, of course, a pair of pulleys for ab exercises.

Pros & Cons

Foldable so that you can transfer it anywhere.Prone to rusting
Durable and long-lasting. 
Suitable for every fitness level. 


In the market, you will find many different reformers that can confuse you to a great extend. So this guide of the best pilates reformer machine for a home will help you get the device suitable for your fitness level.

All these products are budget-friendly and made by well-known brands. So if you find any faults in them, quickly contact your provider for an exchange.

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