6 best Pushups exercises to build stronger & beautiful chest

The stronger your chest muscles are, the stronger your entire body. The chest is one of the biggest muscle groups in the upper body. Men with beautiful chests look more attractive than men without a perfect chest. In this post, we will discuss some best pushups to build chest

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We all know what is chest and where it is located but in detail, there are two major parts of the chest.

The upper part of the chest is called the Pectorals major which is the larger muscle of the chest and underneath that, there is the Pectorals minor.

People who think that weights are the only way to build a strong and beautiful chest are wrong. You can develop your chest as well as arms without lifting weights like dumbbells or barbells.

So this post is for the people who

  • Do not want to go to the gym
  • Don’t have enough time to go to the gym
  • People who are looking for the best chest exercises without weights

Best pushups to build chest

are pushups good for the chest? what are the best pushups to build a chest?

Yes, you can bulk up your chest by doing push-ups, but make sure to do them accurately.

There are different types of pushups that can help you to build the chest.

Here we have discussed the 6 best Pushups to build a chest that you can do for your chest exercises without weights

Basic Pushups

basic pushups

If you are a beginner looking for the best chest exercises without weights, start doing Basic pushups first.

How to do Basic Pushups?

Basic Pushups are one of the first things to do to increase your chest. It is absolutely perfect to start doing pushups for beginners to develop the chest.

So start doing pushups by ignoring your lower chest too close to the ground because lying down too close to the floor may cause serious damage to your shoulder tissues. Doing regularly you can make closer your shoulder to the floor.


  • Hands on the floor, lie down your face straight under your respective shoulders. Be careful that your back should be straightened so that both your shoulders and feet make a straight and rigid line.
  • Bend your arms to a 90-degree angle and straighten them out again.
  • Lower your body in a slow and steady motion. You can do as many as you can.
  • If you are a newbie, you should begin pushups using your knees on the floor, but be aware to keep straight your hips and back.
basic pushups gif

Incline push-ups

incline pushups

Incline Push-Ups are almost similar to basic pushups, All you need is a chair or bench, or desk so that you can rest your hands against them. Incline push-ups are best for the upper chest.


  • Hands-on the bench or chair or Desk, lie down your face straight under your respective shoulders. Try to put your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Toes on the floor and your hip about hip-width apart. Your back and legs should be as straight as possible
  • After that, lower your body slowly and steadily so that your chest will be a few inches from the bench.
  • Now return to the beginning position by straightening your arms and continue…

Incline Pushups are great for beginners, it is an easy variation.

incline pushups gif

Elevated OR Decline Pushups

decline pushups

All you need is a chair or bench that can hold your weight and won’t slide across the ground. In the basic pushups, you had your feet on the floor, but during elevated or Decline pushups your feet must be on the chair rather than on the ground. Your back should be straight so that your feet and body make a horizontal line coordinate with the floor.

  • For extra stability, place the chair up against the wall
  • Bend your arms down to a 90-degree angle and try to straighten them again & again.
decline pushups gif

Gorilla Pushups

gorilla pushups

If you become a beginner to advanced then you can start Gorilla Pushups. Still, if you are not good at basic pushups then don’t try to do this pushup.


  • Start just like basic pushups with your body in the down position.
  • You won’t need any tools for these pushups. Rapidly pushups and then launch yourself on the ground
  • First slap your chest or if you think you can do better. Then slap your chest. After that return your hands rapidly to the starting position.
gorilla pushups gif

Single-leg Pushup

single leg pushups

Start this exercise as you did with Basic Pushups. Your feet and shoulder should be straight. Use your feet spread to shoulder width or wider if possible. Raise one of your feet so that it is hovering off the ground. Complete each repetition as you did with a basic pushup.

  • Switch your legs after a few repetitions. Giving you an example; suppose you did five single-leg pushups lifting your left leg, then change the feet, and do five single-leg pushups lifting your right.
  • The gluteus should be kept tight while doing this pushup.
  • One interesting thing is that you can give this pushup a new name if you start moving the knee of the raised leg toward your elbow when pushups and changing legs with a single repetition. These is called “Lizard” or “Reptile” Pushups.
  • After spending two or three days, try to make this exercise a little harder. Wider your feet apart, you will feel a little hard. This little more workout will shift more of your weight to one arm.
single leg pushup gif

Backpack Pushups

backpack pushups

So you are progressing very well doing different but best pushups to build chests. Backpack pushups are called the final stage of pushups So by doing basic and other written pushups regularly you will feel very easy and relaxed. To make the exercise tougher and more effective you can try backpack pushups. Just wear a backpack and start doing any of the above pushups

  • Increase the weight as your muscles and chest develops by loading heavier objects in the backpack
backpack pushups gif


Pushups are known as a classic and timeless exercise. Doing these exercises perfectly you can build core strength, shoulder, and more importantly a beautiful muscular chest. I cannot say a specific pushups name that can be the best pushup to build a chest. That is why I have given the 6 best pushups exercise list and obviously, you have to try all these pushups to develop your chest. I am telling you again to do all the pushups in very correct form because without doing them perfectly you will get a negative result.

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