Best Adjustable High Capacity Weight Bench for home gym 2022

Your home gym without a good weight bench is tough to call a completed one. A weight bench is such a gym accessory that will let you deal with a number of effective workouts. So, this article will inform you of the adjustable best weight bench for the home gym.

A weight bench can vary in accordance with its functions and features. But it is wise to keep a multifunctional weight bench for your home gym because a general bench will never work for different types of workouts, which is quite possible for a multifunctional bench.


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Why your home gym needs a weight bench

I have already said it before that your home gym is not purely a completed one until it includes a good quality workout bench. While searching for the equipment of a home gym, a bench will come just after the burbles and dumbbells. Because, to get the most from them, a bench is mandatory.

If the purpose of your home gym is for bodybuilding, then a weight bench probably has no alternative for you. Exercises like bench presses, dumbbell curls, dumbbell rows, shoulder presses, lying triceps extensions, sit-ups, dips, etc. need a bench to deal with. These are the most effective for growing muscles.

Not just for growing muscles, a weight bench is also the perfect equipment for those who want to lose weight and make abs. Among the most feasible exercise for burning fat and growing abs, the Burble bench press, sit-ups, and Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat is remarkable. And you know? These three fat-burning exercises need a bench too.

So, you must get the point that your home gym should have a weight bench. Next, you should learn about the types of benches and which one is good for your home gym.

fitness reality weight bench

When choosing a bench from a shop you may be offered to have a look at, different types of benches Like flat bench, adjustable weight bench, folding weight bench, abdominal bench, and so on. It may make you confused and you can possibly choose a bench that is not actually the perfect one for you.

Here, I will suggest you go for the one that is easy to move and can be worked for multiple functions. You should learn about the weight capacity, flexibility, adjustment options, wheels for easy movements, folding options, etc. before selecting a bench for your home gym. So, it is wise to go for a folding weight bench that provides all the facilities, you will need.

I have tried to collect all the necessary information about the best workout bench so that it will be easy for you to select. This weight bench is quite different.

Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity No Gap Weight Bench with Detachable Leg Lock-Down

best workout bench for home

Fitness Reality has presented an amazing weight bench which is popularly known as Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity No Gap Weight Bench with Detachable Leg Lock-Down. It is a multifunctional and easy to handle type bench with almost all necessary facilities. Also, it is affordable, flexible, and durable enough to impress you.

This amazing weight bench has come with a handful of amazing features. Let’s check them out.

Weight Capacity and dimensions:

It is capable of holding up to 850 lbs. which is enough for any human being. The setup dimension of this bench is 69.5″ L x 24″ W x 52″. As it is a folding bench you can transform it into 53.5″ L x 24″ W x 10.8″ when folding it. So, anyone up to 6’4″ in height can use it. It is 65 pounds in weight.

Adjustable Backrest:

adjustable weight bench

For inclination and declination, you can adjust the backrest of it with 7 different levels from -15° to +85° degree angles. The adjustment is easy and smooth and the backrest levels are clear also.

Seat and its adjustment:

The seat of this bench is formed with a strong steel base and a 2” thick, durable foam with a double stitched vinyl cover. It will assure you a cozy experience and also you can adjust it with 3 different levels.

No gap between the seats:

weight bench no seat gap

For flexibility and adjustments, the seat is divided into parts. Beach with gaps between the seats often causes discomfort and uneasiness. But this bench is designed in such a way that provides no gap between the seats in any angle and position.

Leg Lockdown:

The leg lockdown is detached with 4 durable foam rollers which are 4″ in diameter. It is very workable for the exercises like sit-ups and decline bench presses. A twisted locking pin is here to securely lock it and you can also adjust it to 3 different levels.

Storage and transport:

fold able weight benchIt is very easy to transport because of its smooth wheels and handles. Besides, you can fold it up to store in a little space. While folding, it will turn into the dimensions of 53.5″ L x 24″ W x 10.8″.

Over 20 exercises in equipment:

multi-functional weight bench

You can deal with almost 20 different types of exercises using this multifunctional weight training bench. Exercises like dumbbell curls, bench press, dumbbell rows, shoulder press, lying triceps extensions, sit-ups, crunches, dips, barbell Bulgarian split squat, etc. are possible to do with it.


• Amazing weight capacity.
• Easy to transport.
• Comfortable seat and leg lockdown.
• Men up to 6’4” can use it.
• No gap between the seat.
• Easy Folding options.
• 7 level adjustments.
• Cage adjustment is possible.
• Affordable and available.

cage adjustment weight bench


• No monitoring display.
• The backrest can be a jam if not clean for months.


Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity No Gap Weight Bench with Detachable Leg Lock-Down is really an outstanding bench for your home gym. Though it lacks a monitoring display, I think it is not mandatory for the exercises you can do with this bench. Again, it is easy to use, not that expensive and you can use it in any indoor and outdoor space. So, this bench is worth being recommended with an appreciation.

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