4 best yoga beginner should try for better health 2022

So you have decided to shape up for a healthier lifestyle with yoga. Well, that must be a great decision since yoga will give you the proper flexibility your body needs for sound health & mind with specific poses and workouts. Yoga is the best preventive for the potential debilitating back pain in the future. Let us help you build the foundation with our best yoga for beginners’ guide.

Best Yoga for Beginners

The art of yoga has long been considered one of the most rejuvenating health disciplines out there. The zealots of this ancient Indian art enthusiastically proclaim how utterly it benefits humanity in terms of both body and mind.

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And now modern science has proudly attuned to that proclamation hailing the wellness a yoga session provides to the human body. It’s now an established tenet that regardless of the gender, age, or practice phases, every individual feels higher on health and spirit following regular yoga sessions.

More and more people are tagging along with the “trend” every day and embarking on their yoga journey. And if you belong to such a consort thinking about setting out for your first yoga session, deciding on the precise yoga type for beginners is the fact that will confuse you the most.

So we’ve come up with this article that’ll hopefully be the proper guideline for newbie yogis. Stay with us.

Good Morning Yoga

morning yoga for beginners

Morning is the best yoga time for a beginner, and it is the sacred period of the day for yoga sessions. As for beginners, incorporating a daily routine for yoga may bring an uplifting, magical touch to their life. It helps create a sense of unison, allowing your body to control the sleep rhythms stimulating all its functions when you wake up to the morning sun, inhaling a fresh morning air, and performing the yoga poses.

This way, you make sure your entire day is well spent with peace of mind and sound health. Now, let’s introduce you to the ideal morning yoga poses to get you started with your very first yoga session.

Tadasana: The Mountain Pose

mountain pose for beginner

Beginning your day stretching out with the mountain pose helps lengthen your muscles. It invigorates your entire body and improves the flexibility of your bones and muscles pretty much instantly.

Place your non-slip yoga mat and stand on it, keeping your feet together. Hold the natural position of your spine. After that, start breathing deeply while staying connected with the momentum. Ground your feet firmly onto the mat. Now broaden the collarbones elongating through the torso. Drop the shoulders down from your neck, gazing at your front. You may also lift your hands upward or fold them in Anjali Mudra.

Marjaryasana-Bitilasana: The Cat-Cow Stretch

the cat cow pose for beginner

It’s a gentle movement that coordinates with your breath and calms your brain, stimulating your abdominal organs. According to most yogi masters, this pose is the best yoga for low back pain relief.

Keep your body in the table-top position. Keep your wrists and knees under your shoulders and hips, respectively. Now separating your knees and shins apart at hip-width, then press your palms firmly onto the ground and broaden the shoulders. Keep your head in its natural position while doing so.

Now for the cow pose, inhale and drop your stomach downward the floor and uplift your chin and chest, then fix your gaze up to the ceiling. On the other hand, for the cat pose, exhale and arch the back upward the sky pulling your belly to the spine. Release your head crown and bring your chin towards your chest and repeat the process vice-versa.

AdhMukhaSvanasana: The Downward Faced Dog Pose

the downward faced dog pose for beginner

The Downward Faced Dog Pose is the best yoga for beginners in terms of holding up the stature. The pose energizes the whole body and mind. Furthermore, it helps you to adopt the proper posture. You may also call it one of your first steps to live more healthily.

Start with getting down on all fours. Stretching the elbows, make sure your arms are straight and your upper body is relaxed. Evenly distribute your weight across your hands by spreading your fingers. 

Now exhale, and tuck your toes inside. Start uplifting your knees off the mat and elevate your hips, then stretch your legs backward and slowly form the shape of a flipped ‘V.’ Now gaze at your belly button and rest your body in this pose. Hold on to this position until it stresses you.

The Beginner’s Book of Yoga for Particular Purposes

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So far, we have discussed the general guideline for beginners to help them get their life with yoga underway. But many people take an interest in yoga for some particular reasons. Weight loss is one of the most common goals among several other handfuls of issues concerning osteal and mental health.

At this point, we’ll talk about a few of such issues that you can overcome through particular yoga sessions.

Beginner’s Yoga for Losing Weight

woman practicing plank pose

Yoga can literally and effectively help you lose weight no matter how the gym people hold their skepticism about this. It would be best if you practiced as often as you can. A more intense, active yoga session at least 3 to 5 times a week for at least an hour expedites your weight loss process even more.

On the remaining days, you have to balance out the sessions with gentler and more relaxing classes with the likes of Yin and Hatha, which are therapeutic options as well.

For beginners, we recommend going for a slow and gradual build-up so that it can help your body to muster adequate flexibility and strength while preventing injuries. When your time is too short, or you feel that you’re not ready for this much yet, cut down the sessions to 20 minutes, at least.

The types of yoga we have covered above are among the most efficient weight-loss yoga poses alongside Plank, Warrior II, Warrior III, Triangle, Shoulder Stand, Bridge, and Bow.

Beginner’s Yoga For Low Back Pain

beginners yoga low back pain

The lumbar region or the lower back is the area that often revolts and gets sensitive for most people at some point in their lives. It happens because of sitting a lot throughout the day, moving a lot, or a bunch of other maneuvering issues; moreover, the lower back pain affects our day and our mood.

Yoga provides excellent relief for such pain while also providing great preventive aid for the future.

The Cat-Cow stretch we have covered above is the best to start with for beginners. The Spine Twist is another effective way where you also support your neck for any aching issues. Furthermore, seated Forward Fold, Sphinx pos, Thread the Needle, Plow Pose, and Downward Dog Pose are among a handful of other ways to relieve your back pain for good.

Yoga During Pregnancy

pregnant women yoga

More pregnant women in the USA are leaning towards yoga, and now their number is more than ever.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body phases through several changes that put stress on her both physically and mentally. So, parental yoga is known as one of the best yoga for beginners as it helps to maintain a healthy body, mind as well as focuses on the poses for a pregnant woman to increase her flexibility and strength.

It also helps her relax and breathe to adjust to the physical demands during her pregnancy, labor phase, birth phase, and her motherhood. Besides, attending a parenting yoga class paves the way to meet fellow to-be-moms and set out for their journey together.

However, as a beginner, a pregnant woman should be extra careful while choosing her yoga style. Butterfly Stretch, Cobra, Cat-Cow, Seated Forward Bend, Triangle Pose, Lotus Pose, are among the moves that are safe and beneficial during pregnancy. On the other hand, you should avoid exercises like Backbends, Camel, Headstands, Handstands, Upward Bow, etc

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Beginner’s Apps for Yoga (Bonus)

app for beginner yoga

For those who find yoga classes intimidating and expensive, a Yoga app might be the perfect companion. There are several apps now available on Android and iPhone platforms to help you learn the moves yourself while they also help you keep track of your practice sessions so that you can upgrade to a pro-level yogi on the cheap.

Down below, we have listed 5 of the most popular yoga apps both on Google Play and iTunes. Check them out.

  1. Pocket Yoga ($3 one time payment)


2. Yoga Studio: Mind& Body ($8/month)

3. Daily Yoga ($9/month and $99/year)

4. YogaGlo ($18/month)

5. Alo Moves ($20/month)

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