Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Reviews 2022

Are you looking to buy a world-class rowing machine? then what if I say The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is one of the latest and solid pieces of equipment in the world.

I hope you will agree with me after reading this post.
If it is not a matter how expensive the rower is to take your body conditioning to the highest level then don’t think twice to acquire the Model D.


Concept2 Model D is the best-selling equipment in the market. It delivers an effective cardiovascular workout that will help to increase your fitness level very high. It is commonly used by Olympic athletes and professional Rowers. The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is the perfect choice of equipment if you are looking for a solid piece to exercise.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Specifications

Overall Length96 inch or 244 Centimeter
Width24 inch or 61 centimeter
Seat Height14 in or 36 centimeter
Monorail Length54 in or 137 centimeter

Users with an inseam of 38 inches (96.5 cm) or more may require an extra-long monorail. Contact Concept2 for more information.
Chain or CordNickel-plated steel chain in partially enclosed housing.
Chain/Cord HousingPartially enclosed
Power Generation for PMTakes two D cell batteries. When you begin, the monitor starts power slowly from the spinning flywheel to enhance battery life.
Maximum User Weight500 lbs (227 kg) as tested by Concept2.*
*300 lbs (135 kg) as tested per European Stationary Fitness Equipment Testing Standard EN 20957-7.
Monitor ArmABS plastic. Pivots to adjust monitor height and better storage. Monitor angle can also be adjusted.
FinishPowder coat
Color SchemeLight gray or black
StorageCan be separated into two parts for easy storage
Space RequirementsAssembled: 8 ft x 2 ft (244 cm x 61 cm)
With Clearance for Use: 9 ft x 4 ft (274 cm x 122 cm)
For Storage: 25 in x 33 in x 54 in (63.5 cm x 83.8 cm x 137.2 cm)
Machine Weight57 lb (26 kg)
Shipping DimensionsOne box:
15 in x 21.5 in x 56 in
(38 cm x 55 cm x 142 cm)
Shipping Weight70 lb (32 kg)

PM5 Monitor Reviews

pm5 with ant+ bluetooth

You can try PM4 or PM3, but they’re not as powerful as PM5. The PM5 Performance Monitor will keep you constantly updated with all the information you required based on your training goals. It is one of that laborer equipment which is smartly simple and makes working out a better experience.

rower with pm5 monitor

By including a pulse meter the machine will help you to see strokes per minute, heart rate, calories you burned, and the distance you covered. It comes with a power-generation feature that provides power to the monitor, so when you’re working out it will help to save your battery life. It has a large display monitor.

How to use Pm5 Monitor

  • Simply press “just row” and you’re off and rowing.
  • Five pre-set workouts
  • You can play games
  • Check memories and some other options
  • It has also a backlit so that you can see the data in low-light settings.

That’s not all

PM5 is now compatible with USB so using a flash drive you can easily transfer your workout data to your PC or other devices. Sync your PM5 with your phone whether it’s Android or iPhone, so your data can be saved to your mobile using the ErgData app provided by Concept2. (This app is available on Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.)

Overall The PM5 Monitor looks fantastic and very strong. The buttons are really from tough rubber and look like it won’t ever fade away. It is powered by 2 D batteries and the machine will start automatically when you start rowing. It is the best monitor on the market with an incredible amount of features. If you love tracking progress, then this is the rowing machine for you!

Flywheel and Damper

Concept D flywheel spiral damper

Flywheel and spiral damper will let you adjust the level of stress and resistance easily at any moment during the workout. Its seat movement is smooth and doesn’t make noise
The fully enclosed chain-driven flywheel is steel with the glass-reinforced ABS squirrel cage fan attached.

The flywheel enclosure is made of hi-impact, ABS Thermoplastic. ‘Quiet Cog’ system significantly softens the sound of rowing by damping the chain noise with a urethane washer on each side of the cog.
The idler pulleys and traveling pulleys are made of a Thermoplastic elastomeric for increased durability and noise reduction.


concept2 storage

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is very easy to fix if there is a problem. It measures 240cm (7’11”) long by 60cm (24″) maximum width. An area of 275cm by 120cm (9′ by 4′) is needed for the operation of the machine.

concept2 model d mobility

As we said before The Monitor is powered by 2 D batteries which are included. An external power source is not needed. Storage requirement for two upright pieces is 25 in x 33 in x 54 in (63.5 cm x 83.8 cm x 137.2 cm).

concept2 model d storage

Concept2 Model D Pros

  • The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is the best rowing machine on the market.
  • Best warranty.
  • It has wheels, it’s portable so you can easily move the machine from one place to another.
  • Perfect for building your total fitness level.
  • Assembly will take a few seconds to store away.
  • Featured latest PM5 monitor which is one of the best workout monitors on the market!
  • You can do both cardio and strength training together whatever you need to stay healthy.
  • It is a low-impact machine, so persons with arthritis or those with a heart condition can use it safely with no pain.
  • It definitely helps develop toned your arms, legs, butt, abdominals, and back.
  • The injury risk is very low because It doesn’t put pressure on the knees and ankles
  • The online community is very dedicated so it’s easy to find workout tutorials and instructions.
  • Spare parts and services will easily be manageable because of their popularity.
  • The adjustable resistance will allow you to increase the difficulty of your workouts whenever you want.
  • The Lowest price equipment (based on its performance or specification)  than any other similar machines
  • During the workout, you can watch TV or listen to music.
  • The instruction manual is very easy to follow.

Concept2 Model D Cons

  • The rower will need a lot of space because the unit which is approximately 8 feet long
  • The seat can be uncomfortable and it will get harder after years of use. But It is possible to purchase a different type of seat if you want to for a more comfortable ride.
  • You may feel the handle a little bit rough
  • A rower fan can be too noisy and becomes very louder the harder/ faster your row.
  • The rowing machine is not as cheap so have to think about investment.
  • Maximum cheaper row machines are noisy and irritating.


If you want to take your body conditioning to the highest level then don’t think twice to acquire The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. Don’t worry about its maintenance. Everyone from newbie exercisers to Olympic rowers praise Concept2 Model D, the reason to be the top contender for the best rowing machine on the market. Rowing is the perfect exercise for people who want to compete on the water or rehabilitate from injury or surgery. If you want to stay fit, lose weight, or cross-train for another sport the Concept2 Model D is the solid gym equipment for you.

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