Evil Russian push up challenge to build chest & muscle

evil russian push up

Evil Russian push up is very intensive but fun to do. It strengthens your chest and muscle.

There are many exercises that help to build chest and muscle but it takes a long time. Trying this evil Russian program you can build your chest and muscle in just two weeks. Trust me, it really works.

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Evil Russian Push Up Challenge

evil russian push up challenge

It’s a kind of cheat on exercise. So if you want to cheat and hurry to develop a strong chest and muscle you can set a program. These insane two weeks push up program is called “The evil Russian hit the deck” program.

It’s true that this exercise won’t make you very stronger but it would add one or two inches of your chest and bulk out your arms by doing the insane amount of push-ups.

Sounds awful right? But in two weeks you will look fundamentally different.

While doing this exercise you are not allowed to do any upper body exercise.

So are you in? Do you want to give it a try? If yes then let’s start!

Two weeks (14 Days) Evil Russian Push up Program:

evil russian push up program

Oh, wait! How many push up can you perform properly? If you don’t know the answer then start doing the push up as many as you can properly.

Week 1:

100% test (Count how many push-ups you can do before muscle give out). Let’s say you can do 20 push-ups.

So 20 x 30%= 6 push-ups per hour if you can do 40 push-ups properly without stopping then 12 push-ups per hour on Day 1.

So, Day 1: 100% test, then 30% every 60 Minutes

Day 2: 50% in every 60 Minutes

Day 3: 60% in every 45 Minutes

Day 4: 25% IN EVERY 60 Minutes

Day 5: 45% IN EVERY 30 Minutes

Day 6: 40% IN EVERY 60 Minutes

Day 7: 20% IN EVERY 90 Minutes

That’s the first-week exercise program. Look at the chart; don’t you think it’s really interesting? If you had to do similar exercises in a week then you might feel boring. So, there is a change, something different in the everyday program.

Before starting this program, it would be great if you measure your chest and muscle. After two weeks you can then measure the difference.

Week 2:

Day 1: 100% test, 35% in every 45 minutes

Day 2: 55% every 20 minutes

Day 3: 30% every 15 minutes

Day 4: 65% in every 60 minutes

Day 5: 35% every 60 minutes

Day 6: 45% every 60 minutes

Day 7: 25% in every 120 minutes (2 hours)

That’s it, your two weeks program are given. If you are trying to do push-ups for the very first time then you may feel pain on your abs or arms. Don’t give up; it’s just for the irregularity.

This amazing evil Russian exercise will increase your stamina, you will feel more comfortable and relax, maybe after a week.

So when I started to do this secret evil Russian program, I feel pain in my arms but I didn’t stop. I stopped answering the call during exercise, set reminders, etc.

So if you think you can do this program then start the Russian push-up the challenge today or tomorrow. Follow the routine and you will notice the change after two weeks. Good Luck

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