8 best exercises to lose belly fat male (No crunches)!

best exercises to lose belly fat male

Belly fat has become a matter of concern for all nowadays. Men with belly fat look discomfort at a party or any program. It’s not just an issue of looking ugly but also a reason for many diseases like type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Heart disease, Cancer, etc. In this post, I will discuss the best exercises to lose belly fat male.

Before we talk about the best exercise to lose belly fat it’s more important to know why guys above 30 ages start to gain stomach fat.

belly fat male

Main reasons for gaining belly fat:

  • Not doing enough exercise.
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Taking more Carbohydrate
  • Overeating
    overeating junk food fat belly
  • Eating junk food
  • Having excess sugar or added sugar
  • Not taking adequate fiber in daily meals.

However, if you want to lose your belly fat then you must have to maintain 3 major things and that is:

  1. Dieting plan
  2. Exercise/workout plan.
  3. Sleeping

diet & workout

So you cannot skip a single step if you are serious about this predicament. Here I have discovered the best exercises to reduce belly fat for a male.

A healthy diet is one of the best ways to reduce fat. Added sugar is the most dangerous thing for belly fat, so stay away from excess sugar. There are lots of colorful vegetables which help to gain less visceral fat. Foods like eggs, poultry, various fish are very low in carbohydrates.

People think that only dieting can make them loose fat, wrong! There also needs accurate exercise as well as 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night.

So I will discuss 8 exercises that are the best-known exercises to lose belly fat for a male.

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Best way to know if you have belly fat or not?

measuring belly fat male

It is a very easy way to know whether you have excess belly fat or not. You can measure it easily at home. All you need is a measuring tape that should not be very tight but snug.

Wrap it around your bare stomach, the measuring tape should be above your hip bone. For men, a measurement of forty inches or above defines an unhealthy measure.

So what exercises burn the belly fat for the male?

Brisk Walking

If you want to lose belly fat, you should walk at least 30 minutes a day. Half an hour of Brisk walking can burn 100 to 300 calories (depends on your weight).

100 steps per minute are considered ideal brisk walking.

Brisk walking helps to reduce sugar fat stored in the belly, so do brisk walking near your home or garden for 30 minutes to burn the calories quickly.

brisk walking to reduce belly fat


Skipping is known as a perfect exercise to reduce belly fat. This high-intensity cardio workout helps to burn 25% more calories per minute than running.

Try to do 20 minutes of jumping rope or skipping to reduce belly fat. You can burn 400 calories just doing 20 minutes of skipping.

skipping rope


Health experts claim that cycling regularly helps to burn more calories. It is an effective workout that helps to reduce the high volume of stomach fat.

exercise bike cycling

The more you engage in cycling, the more calories can be burnt. Moderate effort cycling can burn 650 calories per hour. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a magnetic resistance exercise bike or go out from home and start cycling to the beach shore to burn more calories.

Stairs Climbing

Stairs climbing is a fantastic aerobic exercise that helps to lose belly fat for men. Sources said that just 2 minutes of stair climb helps to burn a minimum of 21 calories. On the other hand, standing still at the elevator just burns 2 calories in one minute. So if you are having stomach fat ignore the elevator.


Swimming is the perfect aerobic exercise for all. From young to old, everyone can do swimming for ten major benefits, burning calories is one of them. Swimming is a fun exercise to do. Regularly swimming helps to reduce stomach fat.

swimming workout men

590 calories can be burnt by swimming fast. On the other hand, swimming slowly will burn 413 calories per hour.


Burpee should be your favorite exercise if you are facing a problem with your belly fat. By doing burpee regularly you can blister your fat and quicken your metabolism. Sportsmen, army, athletes set Burpee in their daily exercise routine.

Burpee exercise doesn’t require any type of equipment.

A basic burpee will give you total body exercise. This exercise is really effective that helps to build strength and torching calories.

How to do burpees step by step:

Burpees for newbie

Start with the weight in your heels, come into a squat position.

Plant your hands flat on the ground.

Thrust back into a plank. Make sure that your lower back doesn’t arch or sway.

Jump your feet back toward your hands, and you are going to jump up towards the ceiling. Return to center.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climber creates a full-body workout and like the burpee, it doesn’t require any exercise equipment.

It is a proven exercise that really revs up the metabolism that actually burns fat. This bodyweight exercise is also best for abs workout.

Higher intensity of doing mountain climber can burn your calories and fat very quickly. Statistics say that by doing intense mountain climber exercise for an hour you can burn up to 563 calories. So, more calorie burns mean having a nice belly without any fat.

mountain climber men

How to do mountain climbers properly:

Pushup Position, Weight on the knees and shoulders over your hands

making the core busy, forward your right knee under your chest, keeping the toes off the ground.

Now return to the pushup position, Switch your legs, right to left. Bring the left knee as you did during the right foot.

Understand? Now switch the legs and start to do quickly.

Remember, don’t jump, just do the workout as directed in the image.

mountain climbers for beginners

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell is an extraordinary equipment that helps to lose weight fast. The fantastic kettlebell swing exercise is known as one of the best calorie-torching exercises.

So, how many calories do kettlebell swings burn?

50 kettlebell swings a day results in 1000 calories burn daily which is massive, isn’t it?

For a beginner, it will be hard to do 50 kettlebell swings per day. So if you are a newbie for this exercise, then start doing 75 kettlebell swings twice a week. After a few days, I am sure you can do 50 kettlebell swings easily which will help you to burn fat very quickly.

how to do the kettlebell swing properly:

Bend your hips by holding the kettlebell with two hands, arm’s length in front

Then, take your back slightly, just like sitting in the air, and take the kettlebell between your legs

Now core your hips forward energetically by squeezing your glutes, swing the kettlebell to shoulder heights. Confess the strength to swing the kettlebell.

kettlebell swing men

The kettlebell swing is a full-body move. Before starting to do kettlebell swing be aware of five common mistakes. They are:

Don’t bend your knees, just bend your hips

The kettlebell swing is not a should exercise, it is known as a lower body workout so during the kettlebell movement uses your hips to move the kettlebell. Do not force your shoulders extremely to move the kettlebell.

During the exercise, keep your core tight.

Do not bring the kettlebell over your head.

Try to do a deep breath when lowering the kettlebell and fully exhale during the swing.

kettlebell swing properly


Experts say that setting a workout program as well as a healthy diet remains a perfect method of reducing stomach fat. On the other hand, sleeping for six or eight hours per night helps to lose weight fast. So, try to do these best exercises to lose belly fat male by waking up early in the morning. Eat healthy foods, ignore added sugar, alcohol, and junk food. Sleep as early as possible.

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