Extra Thick Yoga Mat 8mm 2022 – Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat

Are you searching for an extra thick yoga mat? How thick do you want? We have discovered a mat that is 8mm thick. I don’t think a yogi needs more than an 8mm extra thick mat for yoga or exercise.

The name of the mat is Lottus Life Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat. The Mat provides everything extra you need like extra thickness (8mm), extra-long (72”), eco-friendly, non-slip, reversible, and memory foam-like. It is one of the best yoga mats for pilates or any other workout.

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jute & thick yoga mat


Why Should You Buy This Extra Thick Yoga Mat: 

No doubt that the Natural Jute fiber Yoga mat performs better than Gaiam Yoga Mat. There are many reasons to buy Mat. We have discussed everything below.

  • SPECIAL PROMO: The company gives FREE ‘Yoga for Wellness’ e-book which is delivered within 72 hours of purchase.
  • PREMIUM EXTRA THICK MAT: This Premium Extra thick mat is 0.315” (8mm), the most comfortable foam-like technology Mat for any use or expertise level. Perfect for your hips, knees, joints, and back. Sturdy enough to provide a stable platform.
  • FREE CARRYING / YOGA STRAP: You can Take your mat everywhere with its adjustable over-the-shoulder strap.
  • ENVIRO-SMART DESIGN(TM): The Company uses only high-quality materials. Environmental friendly (SGS certified), free of lead, latex, cadmium, phthalates, heavy metals, toxic or harmful materials. Woven with natural Jute fiber which is anti-fungal & anti-microbial. The mat will Bring your experience close to Nature!
  • GROUND YOUR PRACTICE: LOTTUS LIFE Natural Jute will give you the feeling of interacting with Nature, simplifying your Grounding experience. The real Feelings of your feet will receive the life force from the earth.
  • Very easy to clean: You can use a damp cloth with non-solvent cleaner and spot clean. Never use a washer or dryer. Just hang your mat to dry.
  • Improve your health: Lottus Life Yoga Mat is a total mind-body workout, which improves your strength and flexibility with deep breathing and meditation. Use the Mat to improve your levels of relaxation!
  • All-purpose yoga mat: Best Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and any other type of sport, fitness activity or workout. Perfect for kids too!
  • HAPPINESS GUARANTEED: The Company will refund your mat if you are not happy with it.

lotus life yoga mat

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More Reasons To buy LOTTUS LIFE Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat:

  • The memory foam-like mat will protect your joints, hips, knees, and wrists.
  • You can use the mat both at home and at the gym.
  • The company has designed the mat with Care & Love to offer you the most amazing jute yoga mat as they want to be part of your journey.
  • Unlike other brands that offer the usual colors, the colors of the mat are unique.
  • 1% OF YOUR PURCHASE will help bring clean water to communities in need via their KARMA Project.
  • You will love the extra-long size for extra room. 72”x24” (183x61cm)

ADDED BONUS: We recommend you to use LOTTUS LIFE Yoga Towel along with the Mat if you need an extra grip or practice Hot Yoga. This towel is also great for any fitness exercise, travel, or the beach!

lotus life yoga towel


LOTTUS LIFE Natural Jute Fiber Premium extra-thick yoga mat provides everything you need for yoga or workout. The thick cushion doesn’t seem to interfere with balance so far and it’s great for the plain wooden floors of the yoga studio. One of the best mats for Hatha, slow Vinyasa, and for practice on hard floors. There is no smell to the mat. You can use the non-slip, lightweight yoga mat for many years…

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