Home Exercise Equipment Set 2022- For Total Body Workout

Make your bedroom, living room, or office into an ultra-modern gym with the HerculesGrip ultimate 4-in-1 home exercise equipment set. Utilize most of your free time without having to drive to the gym all the time. It will guide you like a personal trainer at home. The price of the product is very affordable too for someone trying to lose weight and doesn’t have a lot of money.

HerculesGrip’s ultimate 4-in-1 fitness equipment set is best for cardio, abs, core, endurance, stamina, agility, arms and legs training. Upgrade your performance with this 4-in-1 gym equipment set and increase your body’s physical condition.

perfect set for full body workout

This product is made of superior-quality materials in collaboration with fitness experts

HerculesGrip 4 in 1 Home Exercise Equipment Set Features

home exercise equipment abs & core workout

ULTIMATE HOME GYM WORKOUT SET:  You can boost your cardio, abs, core, speed, legs, arms as well as endurance training.

Perfect for total body workoutThis 4 in 1 fitness kit is perfect for total body workout including 1x ab roller wheel, 1x jump rope, 2x gliding discs, and 3x resistance bands.

Perfect for both beginners and pros: Turbo-charge your exercise with all-inclusive gym-grade fitness equipment.

HEAVY-DUTY Construction: This equipment set is built with Heavy-duty construction. The training gear is made of tested robust materials for longer durability.

HerculesGrip 4 in 1 gym equipment gift set

EXCLUSIVE 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Now you can upgrade your home exercise routine because this home fitness equipment set is 100% risk-free with a 3-year hassle-free satisfaction guarantee.

The HerculesGrip Home Exercise Equipment Set includes:

home exercise equipment ab roller

1 x Double-Wheeled Abs Roller – Work out your abs and core with this sleek and sturdy roller, moreover, the roller features double wheels for better stability and balance, above all, the thick-knee pad will prevent joint pain!

home exercise equipment jump rope

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1 x Adjustable Jump Rope – Skip smoothly like a heavyweight boxing champion and escalate your balance, speed, stamina, and agility, Furthermore, the non-slip sturdy handles, as well as a tangle-free rope, will make double under a breeze.

2 x Double-Sided Gliding Discs – The ergonomic gliding discs will help you how to Glide ‘n’ slide on hardwood, tiles, or carpet. Build killer abs by performing different kinds of abs and core exercises in your home gym.

HerculesGrip 4 in 1 resistance Bands

3 x Loop Resistance Bands – The 100% latex fitness straps will provide you with three different levels of resistance, as a result, it will help your legs and arms, CrossFit or TRX training.


HerculesGrip 4-in-1 Equipment Set Pros

  • Great for home workout
  • Provides a variety of workout options
  • A combination of all body workout equipment in one package
  • Made from great materials.
  • Easy to use, install, and store.
  • Not very expensive
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great for traveling


The quality of the bands is not satisfactory. Almost no resistance at all. Get a different brand if you want a good band workout. (a customer review)

the jump rope feels like a toy (customer review)

About the Company

HerculesGrip company specializes in a high-quality range of sports equipment, which is illustrated by innovative technologies with high performance. The company features only the highest quality products at prices that you can afford. They try their best to make a conductive element according to your quest for optimal health and fitness. so they offer ideally wonderful products and solid customer support service because exceptional service and customer care are their top priority.

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Finally, Hercules home exercise equipment is perfect for both men and women fitness enthusiasts, runners, basketball, athletes, football or tennis players, and even elderly people who want to stay in shape, the HerculesGrip total body workout set will help them. Skyrocket your body and enjoy full-body training in the comfort of your own home with HerculesGrip ultimate 4-in-1. Indulge Yourself Now!

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