Home Training Equipment: Essential Pieces For Every Home Gym

The popularity of a home gym has become an essential prospect as we are more concerned about our health than we were in the past. Smart people always select an area for exercise at home or in the garage. You don’t have to invest a lot in home gym essentials.

However, since you do not have to pay for gym memberships on a monthly or yearly basis, you can save a lot of money.  

The home gym requires only a little space like the corner of your home or garage, in the basement, upstairs, or even in your bedroom.

It is intended for those who do not have any experience in building a home gym and are searching for home gym essentials.

I will discuss everything you should look for before starting a home gym such as must-haves equipment, space, storage, and budget.

Benefits of home gym

benefits of home gym

In modern days buying gym equipment from e-commerce sites becomes a sixty seconds task. Moreover, Gym equipment manufacturers are turning their attention to the production of home gym equipment in order to solve the problems we face when going to the gym. There are five significant benefits of having a personal or home gym.

Healthy Family:

A healthy family is a great blessing. Everyone in the family should stay healthy and fit. By setting up a home gym, you can make the family members fit and active. Nowadays, family members are disconnected from each other because of smartphones and TV. You can organize different types of home gym equipment and offer them to exercise. By doing this, you can have a great bonding with each other. The workout will be enjoyable for you and your family, and you will all lead a healthy and peaceful life.  

Save a huge amount of money:

Don’t think that investing in a home gym needs a lot of money. You can build your home gym with only 2 or 3 essential pieces of equipment at first (if you are on a budget). Then slowly and steadily you can buy one or two more pieces of equipment in the next month. I am saying this because if you join a local gym as a member, you need to pay 50 to 100$ per month. If you calculate the figure, there will be 600 to 1200$ per year and 12000$ after ten years. I think you will be able to own a luxurious home gym within two or three years and can be able to save a lot of money if you buy your home gym equipment step by step.

Save time:

In this modern world, we are all busy. We don’t want to waste our valuable time. Can you realize how much time is going to spend if you attend the gym regularly? You walk there or drive in your car, parking the car and changing clothes will cost some time. That’s not the end! You have to be in the queue for your turn if other people are using the gym equipment. Having a home gym, you can begin your exercise at any time. It won’t be a problem if you are late. You will use your home gym equipment and won’t get the stink of others


freedom of exercise

In your gym, you can do what you want. You have the full freedom to do everything. Play the music you like, or you can skip if you don’t like it. You are not going to miss any favorite TV program. This kind of freedom will give you a better result.

Noise Free:

Too many people surround the commercial gym. Many people in a single place create noise. The sound of gym pieces of equipment adds extra noise. I’m not too fond of noisy and crowded places. If you are like me, then you need to exercise at home. When you have your home gym, there will be no noise, no disturbance. You can fully enjoy your workout.


budget friendly home gym

Building a home gym is not very cheap nor very expensive. The more you invest in your gym, the more effective the equipment you can get for exercise. You can buy all the fancy stuff like a power rack, multi-functional treadmill machine, rowing machine, etc. if budget is not an issue

On the other hand, if you are on a budget, then you should be carefully selecting appropriate equipment for your home. You can’t waste all of your money on a piece of expensive gym equipment. You should find out the best alternative for expensive gym products.

How can I buy Multifunctional home gym equipment with a low budget?

There are some tricks you can do if you want to have high-quality multi-functional gym products at a low price. The first trick for you is trying to buy a used product. Many e-commerce sites sell used equipment. Moreover, Social networking sites like Facebook can also be helpful to find used equipment. So, Research thoroughly about the product and ask your expert friend about the equipment.

You can visit the local gym store. Sometimes they sell their old equipment to cash for the new one.

You can also look for a new company on the market. The original gym manufacturers in the market always bring the best offer for the customer to check on the internet or in the newspaper.

Home Gym Essentials Equipment:

Only you can tell yourself what exercises you are going to do for your body and what types of equipment you should install in your home gym.

First, let me remind you that if you have any plan to set up electric home gym equipment, make sure you put them near the plug so that the cables of the product won’t be an obstacle during the workout.

Below I have discussed some must-haves equipment for your home gym. If you read thoroughly, you will realize what you should pick for your exercise.

Dumbbell set: 

dumbbells for home gym

I put the dumbbell set at the top because a home gym is not completed if you don’t have a dumbbell set. The benefits of dumbbells in the home gym are huge! Dumbbells set require little space so you can arrange it in your small home gym. Exercises like biceps curls, shoulder raises, and chest flyes can be done with dumbbells. You can improve your muscle growth if you have a dumbbell set. There are various sizes and colors of coated dumbbell sets on the market. So decide to buy a dumbbell set because it’s essential equipment for your home gym. If your home gym is not very small, you can also buy a dumbbell rack to keep it all together. Moreover, a dumbbell rack will protect your gym floor and enhance the beauty of your home gym.

Barbell Set: 


If you want long-term health benefits, then start doing barbell exercises. Barbell exercises are not very complicated and provide excellent benefits for both mental and physical situations. You can make a perfect body if you use a barbell set because you have to lift a barbell on both hands, so the pressure is equally divided for both sides and the chest. Also, buy 2 or 3 rubber weights.

Kettlebell Set:

kettlebell for home gym

You won’t even realize the benefits of kettlebells until you start doing it. Kettlebells are different from dumbbells, but you must have both because both are equally essential for your home gym. Kettlebell creates overall health improvement for your body, especially for cardio. By training regularly, you can increase lean muscle, reduce fat, and combine your strength. Different types of exercises can be done with a small, inexpensive single kettlebell! Activities like the kettlebell swing, single-arm snatch, split jerk, kettlebell press, Russian twist, lunge press, etc. can be done with a kettlebell. If you want to perform various exercises, buy TRX kettlebell or yes4all vinyl coated kettlebell. You can also buy ProSource Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells that last long.

Resistance Bands:

herculesgrip resistance bands

The popularity of resistance bands is increasing day by day. Why? The reason is simple, The added resistance helps to strengthen muscles and make your workout harder. It is very cost-effective but you can use this essential equipment for your whole body exercise. No storage problem and you can even exercise outside of your home. I suggest you buy Herculesgrip 3 in 1 home exercise equipment set. There you will get 1 double-wheeled ab roller, a jump rope, and 3x loop resistance bands. 

Weight Bench:

weight bench for home gym

You can deal with a lot of effective exercises if you buy a weight bench. According to fitness experts, a home gym is not completed without a weight bench. Whether you have a small or big home gym, make sure that you have set an area for your weight bench. Because this single piece of equipment will help you to do exercises like shoulder presses, dumbbell curls, bench presses, lying triceps, dumbbell rows, extensions, sit-ups, dips, etc. When talking about the budget, if you have a limited budget you can buy a flat weight bench but if you are able to spend high, you should buy an adjustable multifunctional weight bench

Pull up bar and Push up bar:

push up and pull up bar

If you want to concentrate on your upper body then write a pull-up bar in your home gym must-haves list. Yet another low-budget home gym equipment that doesn’t require a big space to set. You can install it on your home gym door. The Pull-up bar helps to strengthen your core muscles and abs. If you buy Iron gym total upper body workout bar then you don’t have to buy a pushup bar, because you can use an iron gym pull-up bar as a pushup baas well. So it will be a wise decision if you go for this equipment, especially if you buy Iron gym because you don’t have to invest in push-up bars. Meanwhile, Push up bar helps to keep your knees in a neutral position. You can increase your chest, shoulders, arms, triceps, core, back, and neck using push-up bars. Push-up and pull-up bars are equally essential for you to the home gym, both require a little portion of your home gym. Buy 3 in 1 Odoland best roller ab wheel kit, In this set, you will get important equipment like a push-up bar, jump rope, and knee pad.

6 best push-ups exercises for beautiful and stronger chest

Medicine Ball:

10 lbs medicine ball

Meet another cheap but super helpful home gym equipment, the medicine ball. Who doesn’t want a flat tummy? Yes, you can get a flat tummy if you use a medicine ball. Medicine balls are of different sizes and colors and weights. This gym product is known as the best for muscle coordination. 

Foam Roller: 

foam roller for home gym

Whether you are interested or not to buy a foam roller, I request you to have one. It’s a very important home gym equipment mainly used for self-massage. Self-massage helps to increase blood flow and reduce injury risk. You should perform self-massage after or before the intense workout. So buy a foam roller and use it when required. 


treadmill for home

A treadmill is essential to home gym equipment if you want to improve your cardio. Walking and running both are important for your health. If you don’t have time to go outside for a walk or run then you must have a treadmill. It’s a full-body workout improvement that especially benefits cardio, muscle building, weight loss, improved joint, etc. You can even check your daily progress on the monitor. If the area of your home gym is small and your budget is not too high, then you can buy Shaofu 2.25 HP folding electric treadmill. Yes, it’s multifunctional and you can fold and store it easily. People who are busy can benefit from treadmills that are referred to as under desk treadmills, which provide them with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Exercise Mats: 

exercise mats

There are mainly 4 reasons why you must have an exercise mat. Noise reduction, protection floor, prevent injuries, and last but not least prevent damage to gym equipment. These 4 reasons tell us how essential to have an exercise mat at home. Exercise mats are not too expensive but may save a lot of your money. So you should buy the best exercise mats for your home gym. There are different sizes and colors of exercise mats.

Vertical Climber:

vertical Climber

If you can’t afford a treadmill, you can buy a vertical climber. A great alternative for a treadmill and equally helpful for health. The vertical climber is a budget-friendly product and for me, it’s essential for a small home gym. You can get equal benefits like a treadmill. There are no such big differences between a treadmill and a vertical climber.

Nice to have equipment

This section is for the people who want to build a home gym with an unlimited budget or a big budget. The big-budget home gym looks like a commercial home gym as you can able to get all types of equipment whatever the cost is. Yes, of course, you can set up your home gym without this equipment as I going to discuss below but having one or two pieces of equipment in the house will definitely bring perfect health results.

Power Rack

power rack

A power rack or power tower is a big and cube-shaped rectangular machine that is mainly used for exercise efficiently. Moreover, it is a total of risk-free gym equipment. Exercises like squats, bench press, close grip bench press, rack pull, inverted row, barbell curl, etc can be done in a single power station. If your home gym area is large enough then you should buy one. Click here for more details and the best power tower

Rowing Machine

An indoor rower can provide great benefits for cardio. It takes a little space but if you are exercising for cardio I think you must have this equipment. There are many types of indoor rowers in the market such as hydraulic, flywheel, magnetic resistance, etc. Concept 2 Model D and Model E are known as the best cardio rowing machine. A cardio machine offers full-body cardio exercise. Moreover, it helps to burn more calories and develops coordination. There are also other rowing machines that are not very expensive like Lifespan rw1000, stamina body trac glider, or stamina ats air rower.

Portable Dip Bars

dib bar for home gym

An u-shaped piece of equipment named a pull-up bar is used for full-body exercise. If you can get the equipment as portable then it’s a great bonus. A portable dip bar does not require a large space. Moreover, it is not very expensive. As it is portable you can move here and there easily.
Pull-ups, bench dips, dead-lifts,
dip-ups, and push-ups can be possible in this single-home gym equipment.

Fitness Tracker

best fitness tracker for home gym

We need a device that counts our every progress. Yes, I am talking about the fitness tracker. It is only essential if you can spend something extra to get full data of your workout daily, weekly, or yearly. An activity tracker looks good as well when you wear it as it is 2022, and there are new model fitness trackers in the market whose features are amazing. It tells you time, how many calories you burned, the distance you covered, etc. If you love to exercise, but you don’t have a fitness tracker yet, then I request you to search for the best fitness tracker on the market.

Where to set up a home gym?

Your home gym area should be as wide as possible. Available space makes the movement easier. It’s great if the home gym is capacious enough for two people. There are several areas that you can choose for your home gym. If you own a garage then you can set home gym there easily. No problem if not, because you can also set your home gym in the basement or upstairs or in the bedroom as well.

Home gym in Basement

home gym basement

A basement is an ideal place for a home gym. If your basement is big, you can easily plan to exercise there.

There will be less noise if you decide to exercise in the basement. Exercising upstairs creates heavy noise.

Furthermore, the atmosphere in the basement is ideal for exercise. Who does not want to exercise peacefully? A controlled atmosphere helps you to stay comfortable.

Do you know the best part?

When you are exercising in the basement which is at level flooring then you can move your home gym equipment from one place to another place easily. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about setting up the weights. It will easily get more advantages than setting up a home gym upstairs.

You can also get rid of excessive noise. The family members and neighbors living nearby won’t be disturbed. Your exercise will be more convenient.

So I suggest you look for any available space in the basement for the home gym. Give the basement your top location. If you fail to find any location to exercise in the best then don’t be hopeless, there are other options as well.

Home gym in upstairs or bedroom

Can I set up a home gym upstairs?

You can set your home gym upstairs or in the bedroom if you do not have any space in the garage or basement.

But here is the deal!

It is not as simple as setting your home gym in the basement or garage.

home gym upstairs

Moreover, you have to be more concerned and should ask yourself some questions before taking any decision of setting home gym upstairs or in the bedroom, especially the upstairs.

What is the condition of your floor, is it strong enough to bear the gym pieces of equipment weights?

In case if you don’t know, in the United States a portion of the upstairs floor can support 40 pounds per square foot (PSF), whereas a portion of the bedroom floor just supports 30 PSF.

Don’t worry! it’s not a problem if you exceed weights in a portion. Let me clear to you that two heavy people, for example, 300lb per weight standing together in your room, and do you think your floor is going to collapse? Never!

home gym bedroom

It will be perfect if you set your gym equipment corner of your upstairs floors. To prevent damage to your floor, I recommend you use a good quality gym mat. A gym mat will save you from injuries or keep the upstairs noise-free during an extreme workout.

When planning to make a home gym upstairs, make sure you don’t have any heavy furniture upstairs.

On the other hand, pay full attention when workout, and stop dropping heavy gym equipment on the floor frequently.

Whether you plan to exercise in the bedroom or upstairs, take wise decisions, such as trying to set gym pieces of equipment that are adjustable, portable, and foldable. So, when you finish your workout you can easily fold it and move it to the corner of your upstairs or bedroom.

What to do to reduce noise?

Some types of gym pieces of equipment create heavy noise such as the treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical bike, etc. This may be annoying for the people who are living near you. So to reduce the noise you can use noise and vibration reduction mats upstairs.

When your upstairs is not strong enough try to choose the types of equipment that are lightweight.

Home Gym design and Decor

home gym design

Include a Mirror

It is mandatory to have a full-length mirror in your home gym. Obviously not for the selfies but for the motivation and progress that you are making day by day in your home gym. Make sure to choose a large mirror so that you can see your full body. You will get good feedback from a mirror.

Add a sound system

We all love music. Your favorite songs may enhance the pace of your exercise. Moreover, your intense workout will turn enjoyable. If you want to dance Set a portable sound system on your home gym and wave goodbye to boredom.


If your gym area is located near the window then you can receive enough lighting during the day. But if there are no windows like in a garage or your preferred workout time is the night then you should concentrate on lighting. Lighting plays a significant role during workout time. The more you can brighten your gym room with lights the more you can achieve from the exercise.

Air Control

Your home gym must be cooler than any other room because the gym room is a place where sweaty activities happen. So again talking about windows or vents, as you can let the fresh air in. If there are no windows or doors you can set a fan over your head. Air condition plays a vital role in this case. It can make your home gym cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It’s a great advantage if your home is air-conditioned.

Backpack/duffel bag or hamper

A hamper in the gym room helps to keep sweaty clothes in one place. So, you won’t have to take your stint clothes in the other room. On the other hand, if you have a duffel bag or backpack you can keep necessary things like a water bottle, quick-dry towels, or any other little home gym accessories in there.

Water bottle, Microfiber towel, and tissue

Your home gym is a place to work out. You may become thirsty during extreme exercise, especially in the summer. Running over to other rooms to drink water may kill your time or concentration. So, it’s very essential to keep a water bottle in the home gym. Also, keep the wiper near you. Microfiber gym towel helps to dry quickly. There are many microfiber quick dry gym towels on the market. You must have one in the home gym.

Quotes on the wall

You can add inspirational or motivational gym quotes on the wall. Search for the best quotes on google and write on the wall. You can also search for posters in the market. These kinds of things will create inspiration and motivation for your workout.

Home gym essentials – wall color:

home gym color

Painting the gym wall is not very essential. If you are on a budget or not willing to paint immediately then it’s ok.

But Having a gym-friendly color motive to exercise and increase the beauty of a home gym.

So if you are planning to invest or have a budget for painting your gym wall then I can suggest some colors that are known as the best color for the gym wall. Your exercise will be much more comfortable and concentrating if you choose any of them.

Dragons Blood, Fiery Reds, and Oranges:

blood dragon color

If you set a cardio workout as your first exercise, you can select dragon blood, fiery reds, or oranges. Cardio is an intense workout and when you see around you will get more energy as these colors are known as energetic colors.

Lavender, Off white or Silver Mist: 

home gym color

Lavender, of the white and silver mist, symbolizes peace. These colors are known as the best for yoga. People love doing yoga because they want to be happy and live peacefully. So if you do yoga regularly, paint your surroundings with lavender, silver mist, or off-white.

Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze: 

harbor haze gym color

Extreme exercise can cause you to heat up very fast, especially in the summer. Selecting a fresh color will be the perfect solution. Benjamin Moore Harbor haze color will keep you cool and refreshing. So, If your body heated up quickly, do try Harbor haze color.

Blue Mist: 

blue mist gym color

If you can’t focus on what you are doing, I advise you to pick a blue mist color. Don’t dare to use navy blue as the color is not motivating. According to color psychologists, light blue or blue mist color for the home gym. The blue mist color not only helps you to remain focused but also helps you to be relaxed.

Green or Neutral Green:

neutral green gym color

Last but not least, I will suggest green as it creates loveliness, the prime color of the world. It helps to establish an eco-friendly environment. You will feel everything natural while workout. The neutral green painted wall looks lovely, so paint a neutral green paint wall for your loving person.

Floor Plan

You came a long way in this post. Now it’s time to discuss another essential thing. When setting up a home gym, most people ignore this plan. I think you must make a plan for your home gym floor because it’s important.

woman with floor mat

It would be best if you had ideas about what types of flooring your home gym requires. Making a flooring plan won’t cost you much but will provide you with tons of benefits. Moreover, this step may save some of your money in the future.

Exercising without a rubber or foam mat can be very dangerous. You may fall into several injuries, especially in your common areas.

On the other hand, your beautiful floor may damage if the bulky gym equipment falls. Furthermore, your expensive equipment can be broken or damaged.

Yes, you can repair both your floor and equipment, but it will cost you money, which you never counted or expected. To save money and exercise without any risk, you must have a floor plan or ideas.

There are different types of floor mats in the market. They come in different sizes and colors. The vinyl and printed floor mats look very beautiful. It makes the exercises more enjoyable.

If yoga is in your daily routine or if you sweat a lot, you should consider buying the best nonslip mats.


Time has changed everything. During the early day, people need to go to the gym to exercise, but now you can make your home gym, thanks to the manufacturers for concentrating on home gym equipment. 

There are two types of people who love to exercise. Some love to work out together, and love to chat with friends during the workout. Those types of people never feel comfortable at the home gym, no matter how convenient the home gym is. And some people love to exercise alone or with a loving person, love to exercise with freedom, and create a home gym.

You must pay full attention to everything, such as the best location for exercise, must-haves equipment, design, color, and budget. Your home gym will be more comfortable and enjoyable if you fulfill all of your needs.

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