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Keeping an exercise bike at home is a wise decision. Biking regularly, you can get a good body shape, cardiovascular benefits as well as leg strengths. There are 4 types of resistance exercise bikes on the market, among them, the magnetic resistance exercise bike is the best.

Types of resistance used on exercise bikes

  1. Magnetic Resistance
  2. Direct contact Resistance
  3. Brake-based system Resistance
  4. Fan Based Resistance

Magnetic resistance exercise bike, how does it work:  Before the arrival of Magnetic resistance exercise bikes, direct contact exercise bikes earned popularity and dominated the exercise bike industry. After that, Magnetic resistant bike was invented and a direct contact exercise bike lost its popularity.

So how do magnetic resistance bikes do operates?

how magnetic resistance operates

There are two magnets and a flywheel in a magnetic resistance bike. The flywheel works as a magnetic conductor.

The flywheel continues to rotate as per cycle. The flywheel and two magnetic resistance interfere but do not touch each other. The two magnetic generate riding efforts. You can increase or decrease the resistance by using a button associated with the console given with the bike or through the knob.

Benefits of using Magnetic Resistance Exercise bike

The magnetic Resistance bike is perfect for home use. You can also use this bike in a residential area because this magnetic resistance decreases extra noise. Seniors in the home can easily work out while their juniors study or take a nap. Direct contact resistance is very noisy but Magnetic resistance bike is very quiet.

Another important thing is you can set your resistance level through the knob or in the console. All resistance bikes do not provide this feature. You cannot set your resistance level on the friction resistance bike. There are indications on the console in a modern magnetic resistance bike so you can set your preferred resistance using the button on the console.

If you have a magnetic resistance bike then you won’t have to spend a long time on maintenance. Other resistance bikes need regular maintenance such as changing pads, lubrication, dust, etc. The only maintenance in the magnetic bikes may be tightening screws or wires. So the maintenance cost is very low. Other resistance bike maintenance cost is very high.

Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-B2721 Comfort XL  magnetic resistance exercise bike with Semi Recumbent, Upright High Weight Capacity, and Pulse Monitoring.

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Sunny Health & Fitness presents you SF-B2721 Comfort XL Folding Recumbent Bike which provides adjustable magnetic resistance. This superb bike features an extra-large seat for maximum comfort and a convenient water bottle holder to stay hydrated. The semi-recumbent lightweight bike came with a comfortable backrest so that you can exercise for a long time.

This B2721 bike is good for cardio, losing weight, burning calories, rehab or hips workout

About Sunny Health & Fitness: Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the best high-quality fitness products distributors in the USA. The company headquarters is situated in Los Angeles with wide manufacturers in China and Taiwan building long-lasting professional relationships.

SF-B2721 Magnetic Resistance Bike Specifications:

Resistance TypesMagnetic
Maximum User Weight300 lbs Or 136 KG
Flywheel Weight3 lbs or about 1.5 kg
Drive MechanismSmooth Belt Drive
Digital MonitorPulse rate, odometer, time, speed, distance, calories
Inseam Height (Adjustable)Minimum 25 / Maximum 30 inches
Dimensions (Folded)18” long / 21” wide / 54” Height

Instructions: It is very important to read the user manual before using it. Avoid storing in an extremely cold place. This equipment is mainly designed for indoor or home use only, not for commercial use. Do not wear loose cloth as it may become entangled in the device parts. Try to wear suitable that is perfect for a workout. It will be better if you use it on the carpet.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2721 magnetic bike features:

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance: Sunny health & fitness SF-b2721 bike is a magnetic resistance bike. Other resistance bikes create noise during exercise, but the magnetic resistant bike is very quiet. You can use it in residential areas, homes, or a garden. You can adjust the resistance, change the knob, increase or decrease your exercise limit.

adjustable magnetic resistance

XL (Xtra Large) Padded Seat: Your exercise will be more comfortable with the SF-b2721 bike because it features an extra-large seat and backrest. On the other hand, you can keep a water bottle near you during exercise as it has a convenient water bottle holder behind the seat.

Digital Monitor: You can track your progress on the SF-B2721. This digital display will help you track 6 things that are time, speed, distance, odometer, pulse rate, and last but not the least, calories.  It has a convenient tablet holder that supports your mobile device. You can enjoy videos during exercise.

exercise bike with digital monitor

Belt Drive Mechanism: The smooth belt drive will keep the ride very quiet and stable. The Flywheel which is 3.3 lb can support 10 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, so it keeps the upright bike very powerful and high quality.

Fully Adjustable Bike: Exercise will be more challenging and versatile as the B2721 extra-large recumbent bike adjusts up to 3 levels. 25” minimum inseam and 30” maximum inseam. You can adjust the seat and fold the handlebar easily.

Safe & Cozy: You can completely fold and transport this equipment with wheels on it. Foam-coated handles support stability and self-leveling pedal straps help to balance. Folded dims 18 inches long x 21 inches wide x 54 inches in height.

SF-B2721 bike Pros:

  • 10 levels of Resistance
  • Reasonable Price
  • Foldable
  • Less noisy, you can use it anywhere you want.
  • You can put it in the corner of your living room or carry it up to your bedroom when required.
  • The seat handles can be flipped up and back out of the way
  • The Smooth Belt drive mechanism helps to keep the ride stable & quiet.

SF-B2721 Bike Cons:

  • Not perfect for the tall people
  • Products do not come with foot straps
  • The screen is small but easy to toggle between the options
  • If you have a hip or knee problem, then you may face difficulty, but you can use a tool.


Sunny health & fitness B2721 exercise bike is perfect for people who hate to go to the gym and looking to exercise for cardio. It is easy to use. You can use it in both recumbent and upright biking positions. It may be difficult for tall people but average people can enjoy this equipment. The product price is very reasonable. You can use this SF-B2721 both indoor and outdoor. One of the best-rated exercise bikes in the present market. I recommend you to buy this product.

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