Microfiber Gym Towel – Best Gym Towel For Sweat

microfiber gym towel

Microfiber towels are generally made of a polyester/nylon blend. They are better than cotton and PVA. There are numerous advantages of using these fibers because they are ideal for Gym, Fitness, Yoga, Swimming, Camping, etc. Great Towel Company (GTC) Microfiber gym towel uses modern ultra-absorbent microfiber technology that provides two major performances. First, It soaks up a lot of sweat and then dries very fast. It helps to prevent mold odor and germs.

Best Gym Towel For Sweat

GTC Microfiber Gym Towel Features

  • High-QUALITY MATERIAL – This towel soaks up a lot of sweat as the Great Towel Company (GTC) uses modern ultra-absorbent microfiber technology that also helps to dry fast. Its antibacterial and fast dry properties help to prevent mold odor and germs.
  • QUICK DRYING – Super absorbent towel dries 10x faster than cotton towels or normal terry cloth. It means you can dry your body in few seconds.
  • MULTI-USE – The Company designed its 52″ x 28″ fast dry towel towels for daily multiple uses. Perfect for The Gym, Swimming, Yoga, backpacking, Travel, Beach, camping, or sport and fitness.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – GTC towels are ultra-lightweight and compact for easy and convenient packing and drying, moreover, it makes trips more efficient by saving space. Considerably lighter weight than a cotton towel, only 8 oz.
  • MESH CARRYING BAG – This towel will fit perfectly into your sports or travel bag. The full-sized travel towel folds into a compact mesh carrying bag.
GTC Microfiber Gym Towel
Microfiber towel to remove sweat
GTC Microfiber Gym Towel with carrying bag

GTC microfiber gym towel Company provides 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. So, If you are not satisfied enough they offer a full return, No questions will be asked!


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Overall, The Great Towel Company (GTC) specially design their towels to literally suck up water, moreover, it dries 10 times faster than standard towels. This ultra-lightweight towel with an extra carry bag will make your trips more efficient by saving space.

GTC towels are perfect for gym, sports, backpacking, travel, boating or camping, swimming, and other outdoor sports activities including yoga. It came with a very nice design just what you wanted!




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