Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Review

It is true that not every tough or complex exercise is beneficial for us. If your main goal is just to remain physically fit then I suggest you do simple workouts. For example, You can perform cardio workouts like walking, running, jogging, cycling, etc. as they do not need any specific gym equipment. Pull-ups are also great for your upper body workout. The important thing is that they are made very simple and easy to exercise. Just need an upper body workout bar for doing pull-ups. It costs just a few dollars


An upper body workout helps to strengthen abs and core muscles. It also helps to burn calories at a faster rate.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is the multi-function training bar that manages every workout you need to build a powerful upper body. The ultimate body sculpting and strength-building tool helps shape the upper body and tone your midsection. This durable steel construction can hold up to 300 lbs and is mainly designed to fit residential doorways 24″ to 32″ wide with doorway trim or molding up to 3 ½ inches wide.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

About The Company:

Iron gym workout bar

The Iron Gym produces easy-to-use and cost-effective exercise equipment. It is situated in Finland. They run exclusively under the Iron Gym name in an effort to bolster the product line while quickly expanding the brand. Their main business is to sell chin-up/pull-up bars, they also sell and distribute abdominal rollers as well as other push-up enhancing equipment.

Iron Gym Total Upper body workout bar Provides 6 workout options, They are:

  • Chin Up or Reverse Grip
  • Pull Up or Over Hand Grip
  • Pull Up or palms facing each other
  • Three Pull Up/Chin-Up grip positions to challenge your muscles




  • Push-Ups
upper body workout bar

Doorway Requirements:

Width: 24” to 34” wide

Trim width: Up to 3.5” wide

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar Features

There are many reasons to say the Iron workout bar is a great pull-up bar compared to other bars. Here I have discussed some of the best Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar features, given below

Easy to install

Iron Gym’s total upper body workout bar can be mounted anywhere in your home whether it is your living room, basement, garage, or any other room. It is one of the best features of this product, so If you buy an Iron gym upper body workout bar then there is no need to rush to the gym for doing upper body exercises because the Iron gym total upper body workout bar offers a wide range of workouts for your body muscles.

Doorway frames

The Iron gym workout bar is designed very differently that can be easily installed in the doorway frames. Another cool thing is that you can do pushups as well as other exercises by fixing it on the floor instead of mounting it on the wall or doorframe.

Limited Space

This upper body workout bar requires very little space so it easily gets fit in your living room or exercise room with other gym equipment.

Grip position

Iron Gym workout bar offers a variety of grip positions. Different grip positions help you to perform a variety of exercises like dips, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, or chin-ups. Neutral, wide, and narrow, three very important grip positions are provided in this package.

iron gym workout bar grip

Exercise for back

Another important feature of this machine is that it makes it possible for you to perform both inner and outer back workouts. Your back and backbone will be more stable as well as strong by doing this exercise. It is only possible because of its wider grip.

upper body workout barStable floor exercise

This gym equipment not only fits in doorway frames but also on the floor too. You can fit it on the floor and be able to do pushups to make your biceps and triceps more fit and strong, moreover floor stability will help you to do sit-ups in a proper way.

Durable frame

The main body structure of this equipment is very sturdy and well assembled. The frame is made up of steel material. It has the ability to hold weight up to 300 pounds.

Assembly & Installation

Iron gym workout bar Assembly and Installation

The equipment is very easy to assemble. It will take only 15 minutes. Installing the bar will take a few seconds, lift it up then secure it to your doorframe.

Iron Gym Workout Bar Pros:

  • Various amount of exercise options from a single device
  • Comes with a safety pin to hold the bar in place when not in use
  • Durable
  • Heavy workload
  • A motivator for anybody as they enter or exit the room to do a couple more chin-ups.
Iron gym workout bar chin-ups

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Iron Gym Workout Bar Cons:

I didn’t find any negative reviews about this product.



This Iron Gym upper body pull-up bar is deceptively simple, but one of the least expensive gym equipment. It’s the best single piece of equipment you can own. A pull-up bar is a must-have tool in your arsenal according to many trainers. This upper body workout bar equally delivers workout functionality as well as provides better quality.  A pull-up bar in the house helps to show you more muscle gains in your arms, back, chest, or abdominals. So, to have a multi-functional Iron Gym upper body workout bar in the house brings a lot of benefits. Highly recommended.


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